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New energy vehicles to bring about a dramatic, and micro-drives accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry


According to global EV sales keep accelerating in 2022. Looking at the first five months of the year, more than 3.2 million new plug-in cars were registered worldwide.When it comes to the future,that by 2030, the global electric vehicle stock (excluding two/three-wheelers) will reach nearly 200 million vehicles and will account for about 10% of the global vehicle fleet.According to a more ambitious scenario, 270 million EVs will be roaming global roads by 2030 and the share of EV in the global vehicle stock will reach 14%.

However, on the way to the development, the automotive industry is now facing new and pressing challenges owing to globalization, digitalization and increasing competition. The gear motor provided by ZHAOWEI, as a key role in each part, comes to upgrade the automobiles.

How Does ZHAOWEI Empower Each Automobile with Gears?

The function of gearbox types in cars varies. ZHAOWEI proudly provides a complete set of solution services in this field to meet performance requirements in reducing speed, increasing torque and improving transmission, which has been gaining more and more popularity.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

With the popularization of new energy electric vehicles, charging stations prevails in lots of areas. ZHAOWEI gearbox solution for charging gunconsiders various aspects of safety and reliability. It takes pride in strong compatibility with automobiles by using a planetary gear structure. Innovative structure and space design improves performance with great torque rigidity, small vibration and strong resistance, as well as reduces total cost. It also has the characteristics of powerful carrying capacity, large starting power and high transmission efficiency, which can better meet the transmission requirements of smart car charging piles.

Car Seat Adjustment

In order to improve driving comfort, there is no need to change the sitting posture. The control key can be used to adjust the seat in 12 directions to achieve step-less adjustment. ZHAOWEI uses a small permanent magnet DC motor combined with helical gears for car seat transmission. The intelligent multifunctional adjustment (horizontal, height, and angle) of the seat can be flexibly achieved through the control switch on the door armrest.

Car Seat Adjustment

Electric & Power Tailgate

A tailgate is a door at the back of an automobile and plays an essential role in each automobile. Although it brings a lot of convenience, it still has some disadvantages, for example, the tailgate is prone to noise problems after prolonged use. To solve such problems, ZHAOWEI enables the future of intelligent control with an innovative automobile gear system for the electric tailgate. A threaded spindle is driven linearly via the spindle drive’s push rod motor and tailgate gear box. The threaded spindle drives the strut to expand and contract on the threaded nut fixed on the inner side of the outer tube, thereby opening and closing the tailgate, solving the technical problems of small torque and high noise of the electric push rod of the tailgate.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Electric power steering is common in automobiles, as they take heavy loads. Its main transmission structure is often assembled by the drive motor and gearbox (reducer). The motor used in the EPS system is a DC servo motor. Combined with high-precision gears, this solution is mainly characterized by wide speed range, high torque, smooth adjustment, ease of control, great reliability, and low energy loss & noise. The gear motors from ZHAOWEI happens to meet these features.

When the driver performs steering on the steering wheel, the torque sensor detects the steering wheel as well as torque and transmits the voltage signal to the electronic control unit (ECU). Then ECU issues related instructions to the motor controller to make it output steering assist torque of a corresponding level and direction, thus generating auxiliary power. When the car is not steering, the ECU stops to issue the instruction to the motor controller and the motor doesn’t work, which is smart and efficient.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Electric Park Brake (EPB)

The electric parking brake is a technology that integrates temporary braking during driving and long-term braking after parking through electronic control. Similar to the use of electronic handbrakes – generally one-button operation. Regardless of the condition of the vehicle, the electronic handbrake can be activated. If you press it by mistake while driving, the electronic handbrake function will be turned off immediately because the accelerator is still in the working position. If pressed during emergency braking, most electronic handbrake systems will additionally provide stronger braking force to assist, and some models also have electronic brake force distribution and speed limit parking functions.

The EPB has three important parts: the electronic brake module, the control motor and the electrical switch in the cab. When the driver operates the switch, it sends a command to the Electronic Braking Module, which senses that the parking brake needs to be applied. The module then commands the control motor mounted in the brake caliper to operate. The brake pads are then pressed against the disc, which limits the movement of the wheel. ZHAOWEI has modified the gear and tooth shape of the electric parking brake, which can improve the efficiency and manufacturing accuracy of the gearbox under high-frequency vibration. The EPB control motors installed on the left and right brake calipers of the rear wheels are composed of a DC motor and a micro-gearbox. ZHAOWEI gearbox is small in size and high in torque, which can change the driving direction of the DC motor. The EPB gearbox can still run efficiently under the conditions of high torque and high current

Electric Park Brake (EPB)

Active Grille Shutter (AGS)

AGS system helps to optimize aerodynamic performance, reduce air resistance, lessen fuel consumption and accelerate engine warming. However, a micro gearbox for Active Grille Shutter plays an important role in these functions. The system is equipped with a set of electric horizontal blades on the inner side of the grille. The ECU automatically controls the micro motor and then decelerates the gearbox to close and open the intake grille orderly and steadily, which makes the rotation range possible to reach 90°. This has a lot to do with the gearbox whose specifications must meet the different types of active grille shutters. This is also what ZHAOWEI does.

Electric Head Restraint

In the common traffic accidents such as rear-end collision, drivers or passengers are vulnerable to a neck injury. The awareness of the importance of active head restraint gradually raises. The gearbox from ZHAOWEI can improve its effectiveness of active head restraint effectively. The headrest mechanism design includes a control module, a drive motor, and a rod drive mechanism. The control mechanism and the drive motor are connected by signals. The rod drive mechanism includes an upper cross-linked mechanism arranged in parallel, a lower cross-linked mechanism, and a drive screw connected to the motor. The control module adopts a single-chip computer or an on-board computer to control the forward rotation of the motor when dangerous conditions occur. When two nuts move closely to each other, the headrest will be deployed through the rod drive mechanism; when the danger eliminates, two nuts move back, and the headrest will be folded by the mechanism. The gear motor here must meet be low-noise, reliable, responsive, and shock-resistant – ZHAOWEI gear reducer easily masters.

Vehicle Electric Sunroof

Vehicle panoramic sunroof opens the field of vision, increases air circulation and enables photography. ZHAOWEI offers such a gear-driven mechanism to facilitate convenience. The micro motor provides power to the open and close the vehicle electric sunroof through the transmission mechanism and realizes bidirectional rotation by changing the direction of the current, the opening and closing of the skylight can be realized. The gear transmission mechanism accepts the power of the motor, changes the direction of rotation, and transmits the power to the sliding screw, thus making the electric sunroof open and close. At the same time, the power is transmitted to the cam, making the cam possible touch the limit switch to open and close.

Head-up Display

ZHAOWEI has developed a car gear shift solution for HUD flipping. Its reverse gearbox is connected to the supporting frame structure. The entire HUD screen flipping mechanism driven by the motor rotates around the center of the circle, which further drives the HUD screen to rotate and flip. Intelligent control to display screen flip angle satisfies different users. Therefore, important information can be shown on the head-up display clearly and accurately.

Electric Window Regulator

The electric window generally refers to the glass lifter can automatically rise or fall even when driving. Compared with the past, it is now more widely used in modern cars. The electric window system mainly jointly combines window regulator, motor, gearbox, relays, switches and ECU to empower the lifting function. Each car window will be controlled by a motor in order to rise or fall. ZHAOWEI also proposed customizable options for customers.

Electric Window Regulator

Adaptive Front-lighting System

ZHAOWEI values the safety of driving at night. Stepper motors are important parts in helping the headlights to meet the lighting requirements when driving at night. ZHAOWEI AFS drive solution optimizes the structure and gear precision of the car headlight regulator motor and gearbox, effectively improving the situation that gear transmission angle is unstable in the long run and on the pitted road.

Instrument Panel

Electronic speed odometer has gradually replaced the mechanical speed odometer driven by the soft shaft, owing to plenty of brilliant advantages. But it still has a large room for improvement. ZHAOWEI micro gearbox can better control the instrument, beats of the stepping motor during the use as well as the jitter of the pointer, and reduce the noise during the use of the instrument panel.


There are still many parts of each automobile that need the role of gearbox like damper actuator, car wiper, etc. With the upgrade of 5G commercial and consumer, intelligence have become the trend in different fields. The automobile industry is no exception. Gear motor professionally developed by ZHAOWEI comes to upgrade the automobiles and those who can take advantage of it are going to seize the opportunities and enjoy a promising prospect.

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