Lockdown for people not vaccinated in Germany


After Austria, Germany, one of the most influential countries in Europe, is going to announce a lockdown for those who have not been vaccinated against corona. The government announced the lockdown on Thursday, local time. The country’s top leaders are planning to introduce compulsory vaccinations in Germany in the next few months. News from CNN.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Schultz made the announcement at a news conference on Thursday. At the press conference, they said that to prevent the spread of coronavirus, people who have not been vaccinated will be barred from entering all places except essential markets like supermarkets and pharmacies. They made the remarks after discussing the new crisis with coronavirus with regional leaders. At the time, it was further stated that those who had recently recovered from the virus were not covered by the ban.

The two leaders also backed a proposal for mandatory vaccinations. It is learned that the proposal will be effective from next February if it is voted through the parliament.

Under strict restrictions, vaccinated persons can only visit two members of another family. In addition, bars and nightclubs should be closed in areas where corona has been identified in more than 350 cases per 100,000 people per week. It is also said that the country will limit the number of people attending big events like football matches.

Angela Merkel and Olaf Schultz made the remarks at a time when coronavirus infections are on the rise in Germany. In addition, there is a risk of the newly discovered corona type Amicron spreading in the country.

Merkel made the remarks at a news conference before stepping down as German chancellor. “We understand that the situation is very serious, we want to take some new steps in addition to the ones we have already taken,” he told reporters at a news conference. At the time, he added, the fourth wave of the corona must break.

Angela Merkel added that vaccinations could be mandatory from February 2022. He said the decision would take effect after a debate in parliament following a directive from Germany’s Ethics Council.

He added that those who have been vaccinated will lose their effectiveness after nine months. The German government says the move is aimed at encouraging vaccine booster doses.

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