Large protests against Corona's ban in Vienna

Large protests against Corona’s ban in Vienna


Thousands march in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to protest against a ban on coronavirus infections. The protest was against making vaccination compulsory and for those who did not get vaccinated to stay at home. News Reuters.

About 44,000 people took part in the protests last week. About 1,400 policemen were deployed around the procession procession.

Police say three people were detained for refusing to light a fire and wear masks. Journalists were hit by an iceberg while covering a protest rally in Heldenplatz Square.

Protesters gathered at the behest of Herbert Kickel, leader of the Austrian Conservative Freedom Party. Herbert announced that the protests would continue. Nearly two and a half thousand people took part in the protest in the Klagenfurt area against the Corona ban. About 150 people protested in the Litanz area.

Austria is the first country in Western Europe to impose a lockdown last month. It has also been announced that vaccination will be made compulsory in the country from next February.

At a rally in Vienna, the banner read, “Say no to compulsory vaccinations.” The population of Austria is only 79 million. Coronavirus has infected 1.2 million people in the country since the epidemic began last year. More than 13,000 people have died.

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