Irregularities and corruption in government institutions must be prevented


In 2021, Bangladesh celebrated the golden jubilee of independence. Bangladesh has achieved many glorious successes in the last 50 years. Bangladesh ranks 91st out of 104 countries in the world in terms of area. The size of the budget in 2021 is six lakh three thousand 61 crore. The size of GDP has exceeded 26 lakh crore. GDP growth has been 7.1 per cent. Per capita income has increased to 2553 US dollars in 2021. Foreign exchange reserves exceed ৮ 46 billion. Food self-sufficiency has been achieved. Export income in 2021 is 48 billion US dollars (including service sector), remittance income is 20 billion US dollars in 2021.

Fifty years ago, the poverty rate in newly independent Bangladesh was over 70 percent, now it is below 21 percent. In addition, there are large mega projects. The Padma Bridge is being implemented with its own funds. The construction work of Karnafuli tunnel is progressing fast. Work on Matarbari deep seaport is underway, work on third seaport (Pigeon port) is underway, work on Rooppur nuclear project is also progressing fast. The average life expectancy has increased to 63.2 years. Bangladesh has entered the satellite era with the launch of Bangabandhu Satellite-1. Digital Bangladesh is now a reality.

Bangladesh has entered the era of knowledge based economy. The main strength of being a pioneer of the Fourth and Subsequent Industrial Revolution was the mastery of arithmetic. 1 to 10 countries in programming expertise are: China, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Taiwan, Japan, France, Czech Republic and Italy. Their programmers are the best in the world. Find out the strengths of the roots of their programming excellence. Not only the fourth industrial revolution, mathematics is the main raw material for any industry. Besides, if we imagine research as a body, then its heart is numbers. My hope for the new year will be that, as a nation, we will be able to realize the magical power of mathematics and focus on its excellence at all levels.

Apart from development in the country, the amount of corruption has also increased, according to various research institutes. I often hear allegations of irregularities in recruitment. If the irregularities in recruitment cannot be eliminated, the government institutions will become sick and dishonest. As a result, no development plan can be properly implemented by them. Government appointments, admission tests and public examinations should be punished for leaking question papers and money laundering through a speedy trial tribunal – an expectation that will be felt at the beginning of the new year.

Bangladesh will move forward at an unstoppable pace if it can prevent irregularities and corruption in recruitment in various government institutions. The government will take strict measures to prevent corruption and money laundering outside the country, such is my expectation in the new year, yours, everyone’s. May the new year be auspicious for us with the cooperation and joint efforts of all. Let the progress of Bangladesh continue — I wish this every moment, every moment.

New year means new life vibe, new expectations, new possibilities. Leaving everything behind last year and moving forward on the path of immense potential in the new year. The biggest expectation of this year is that the world will be tax free.

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