Indian soldier

Indian soldier goes viral for his ‘keen’ introduction to a Chinese soldier


A video of a Chinese and Indian soldiers introducing themselves to one another is making rounds on social media.

“Major Keen Kumar”: The Indian soldier introduces himself as “Major Keen Kumar,” and the Chinese soldier responds in kind by telling him his name is “Sung Sung Do,”

According to Hindustan Times, the name “Keen Kumar” is traditionally used as a nickname to conceal one’s identity. Similar names used to hide one’s identity include “Lieutenant Keen,” “Captain IM Smart” and “Captain Chatak Singh.”

The undated video, which was reportedly shot near the India-China Line of Actual Control, shows the two soldiers facing each other with two banners in the background. It is unclear whether the name “Sung Sung Do” was also made up.

Viewers have reveled at the Indian soldier’s sense of humor. Journalist Aman Singh also shared the clip with the caption, “Finally Major Keen Kumar has been located. On the LAC. Well done.”

As for the viewers who were left confused, a Twitter user explained, “An Indian Officer is ‘KEEN’ to know the identity of the Chinese officer. So when asked what was the name of Indian Officer, our witty Major replied, ‘I am Major ‘Keen’ Kumar.’”

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