If he did not want to go to Lord’s because of racist behavior


Azim Rafique, a Pakistani-born cricketer who recently played in Yorkshire, has been charged with felony criminal mischief. Rafiq’s allegations have exposed the ugly face of racism inside England’s famous county cricket club. The poison of racism in the holes of English cricket has been raised in Rafiq’s words. Former and current cricketers like Michael Vaughan, David Lloyd and Gary Balance have been caught in that trap. Rafiq’s words have exposed the disrespect of Ashatanga cricketers, the fact that they are constantly humiliated.

While embarrassed by the racism of English cricket, Hersha Vogle, a well-known Indian commentator and cricketing personality, tweeted that he once felt uncomfortable entering Lord’s, the cradle of cricket. The atmosphere was such that it was uncomfortable for anyone to go to Lord’s for a game or a television broadcast. The environment there was extremely racist.

Cricket has long been popular as a commentator. He became known in the early nineties. He has been to many places in cricket broadcasting many times. He has also visited England countless times. It was there that he encountered racism at Lord’s, the famous cricket ground. He wrote on Twitter that at one time Lord’s was not at all comfortable going for professional reasons, “Racism is a really painful thing. Many times this matter becomes a very normal thing. Apparently sensitive hartakars often resort to racist behavior. Maybe no one will stop him. Many people in Bhadra Samaj also said many things which no one ever stopped him from saying. I think these will change after Rafiq’s allegations. At one time Lord’s was a very bad place. The people there looked down on you. It was as if they had blessed you for going there for work. ‘

Vogel claims that he saw these things happen at Lord’s in the nineties. Even at the beginning of this century. However, Hersha said in relief that most of the people who used to be racist at Lord’s are no longer there.

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