I went to sleep in Abu Dhabi to pick up my luggage on the flight

I went to sleep in Abu Dhabi to pick up my luggage on the flight


An IndiGo Airlines plane will fly from Mumbai, India to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. An airline employee was unloading cargo at the flight’s cargo branch. At one point in the process, he fell asleep. After waking up, he saw that he was in Abu Dhabi.

Officials from the Civil Aviation Authority of India (DGCA) released the information on Wednesday, NDTV Online reported. DGCA officials said the incident took place last Sunday. One of the employees of the private airline Indigo was picking up the passengers on the plane. After picking up the goods, he fell asleep on one side of the cargo compartment. After closing the door of the compartment, the flight left Mumbai Airport.

When the flight landed at Abu Dhabi Airport, the airport authorities conducted a medical examination of the Indigo employee. After the test, the airport authorities said that the physical condition of the Indigo man who arrived in Abu Dhabi from Mumbai on the cargo branch of the plane was stable. She is OK now.

Officials at India’s Civil Aviation Department said he was sent back to Mumbai as a passenger on the same flight after receiving the necessary clearance from the Abu Dhabi authorities. DGCA officials said the matter was being investigated.

The Indian news agency PTI contacted an Indigo spokesperson to find out about this. The spokesperson said, “We have come to know about this incident and the concerned authorities have been informed. The matter is now under investigation.

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