I can’t stay in Bangladesh if I mention their names: Tahsan


‘I can’t say the names of those I saw joining Ivali. If we mention their names, we will not be able to stay in Bangladesh. ‘
Prothom Alo spoke to Tahsan Khan, a musician based in Dallas, USA, on Friday at 5 am local time regarding the case. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Ramna Division Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sajjadur Rahman told reporters on Friday. Evali’s customer Saad Sam Rahman filed the case on December 4 at Dhanmondi police station in the capital. Sajjadur Rahman said this in response to a question from reporters at his office on Friday afternoon.

Speaking on the occasion, Tahsan said, “I have heard that Evali has 4 million subscribers, a company with 4 million people before I joined, a company with various government agencies, influential people of the country, I have done only two Facebook live as a goodwill ambassador.” But I did not advertise. And if I work in advertising, I can do it for any organization. Because then it was a legal company.

We have sponsored these two organizations. I am with the national cricket team. I am not an expert to understand that this company will be bankrupt. They said three more names, which I can’t tell you, then maybe I can’t stay in Bangladesh. ‘

Asked why he could not speak, Tahsan said, “I can’t say. Because, they are so influential that it is not possible to name them. I can’t even name their advertising firm. When I see this company is their advertising firm, these people are with them, it is natural for me to have confidence in this organization. It is not possible to say the names of the people I have joined. Because, they are people of impossible power. ‘

When you are on trial because of the case, these names will come to the fore today or tomorrow. In this context, Tahsan said, “Why should I be in more danger by bringing their names to the fore. Those who are in the circle of power, they have more power.

“It simply came to our notice then. The love of the fans is just my ability. There is no power without the power of the fans. Don’t let the fans misunderstand me. Maybe one day I will write about the whole incident in a book. I will tell the story as much as I can. ‘

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