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Heynext Makes Its Mark in the TOP 50 Game Distribution List, Emerging as a Global Powerhouse in Game Publishing


Recently,, the preeminent provider of mobile data analysis worldwide, unveiled the recipients of the Annual Publisher Awards. Esteemed as a global data analysis enterprise,’s comprehensive list serves as a pivotal benchmark for gauging growth indicators among publishers worldwide. Notably, it stands as one of the most highly regarded accolades avidly sought after by publishers across the globe.

The compilation of publishers aims to acknowledge the preeminent mobile companies worldwide. This esteemed list is predicated upon various key factors, including the industry influence wielded by publishers, the frequency of high-quality product launches, the volume of downloads for individual releases (as per iOS ranking), as well as the overall quantity of downloaded products. Additionally, comprehensive index evaluations encompass six facets: product art design proficiency, user accolades, and praise rates.

The renowned entertainment application publisher, Disney, secured the 8th position on the list. Bumble, a prominent online dating and social application, claimed the 39th spot. Match Group, which operates in the same online dating sphere as Bumble, achieved an impressive 6th ranking owing to its dominant market presence within the dating application segment. Notably, ascertained that these aforementioned publishers earned their positions on the list by showcasing significant advancements in the realm of entertainment applications.

In the vertical domain of game publishing, despite a macro-level decline in game spending projected for 2022 compared to previous periods, several publishers have achieved remarkable success. TakeTwo Interactive, the game publisher that acquired Zynga in May 2022, secured the 15th position on the list. Notably, the inclusion of popular games like Zynga’s “Empire&Puzzles” and “Zynga Poker” propelled TakeTwo Interactive’s ranking by an impressive 49 places. This merger and acquisition has become a classic case study in the realm of game publishing.

Amongst other game publishers, Dream Games experienced a substantial leap in rankings with their release of “Royal Match.” Similarly, Top Games achieved significant improvement in their ranking based on the success of “Evony,” resulting in an elevated standing across multiple levels.

Heynext, a global interactive entertainment game company established merely five years ago, has surpassed prominent game publishers like Dream Games and Top Games. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to Heynext’s comprehensive presence in various domains, including ultra-casual games, educational games, traditional games, and more. As a result, Heynext has successfully secured a position within the coveted top 50 list, emerging as the game publishing company with the most promising growth trajectory and predictable indicators.

Following the list announcement, Heynext, making its inaugural appearance on the list, expressed gratitude to the organizers through a spokesperson. In a public statement, the spokesperson remarked, “This recognition is a big deal for us as it’s the first time Heynext has made it onto this list since we started out. Our team is super stoked about our ranking and, although we kinda expected it, we’re determined to keep bringing out awesome games and aim for an even better spot next year.”

According to industry experts, the initial ranking holds significant importance for game publishers. In this regard, Heynext’s remarkable achievement of entering the top 50 in its inaugural participation is unparalleled among all other game publishers on the list. This exceptional outcome underscores the limitless potential for Heynext’s future growth and development.

Heynext primarily focuses on game development and distribution, and is currently undergoing rapid growth. In terms of game development, Heynext has successfully ventured into various genres, including hybrid games, ultra-casual games, and traditional games. Notably, the company places significant emphasis on developing high-quality games based on “big IP,” which has become one of its core principles and distinguishing features.

An important highlight is Heynext’s collaboration with AI independent studios and the establishment of an AI large-scale model research and development department. This strategic move enables Heynext to leverage its own expertise in areas such as artistic creative design and 3D rendering, while integrating advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and game computing (AIGC). By doing so, Heynext aims to enhance game development speed and overall game quality, providing added advantages for the benefit of players.

Heynext, a rapidly growing game development and distribution company, has made a strong impact in the industry. With a focus on hybrid games, ultra-casual games, and traditional games, Heynext’s commitment to launching high-quality games based on “big IP” sets it apart. Notably, the company has embarked on collaborations with AI independent studios and established an AI research and development department, integrating artistic creative design and 3D rendering with advancements in artificial intelligence. By recruiting top talent and fostering multidisciplinary approaches, Heynext has positioned itself as a global leader in artistic and creative design capabilities.

In terms of 3D rendering capabilities, Heynext has made significant investments to create dedicated cloud server virtual machines for seamless integration with cloud platforms. By leveraging these dedicated virtual machines, Heynext brings its 3D rendering capabilities to the cloud, ensuring efficient and accurate rendering through the utilization of high-performance rendering clusters and distributed computing resources offered by cloud rendering. Additionally, Heynext is venturing into the realm of VR games, utilizing their exquisite and lifelike 3D rendering expertise to enhance the immersive experiences of gamers. In the domain of traditional games, Heynext has established a large-scale game development and distribution division. Through acquiring intellectual property rights, they will gamify highly popular IPs, delivering more refined and captivating gaming experiences to a wider audience of traditional game enthusiasts.

In the ever-evolving landscape of game publishing, there is a strong shift towards refinement and maximizing efficiency. The growing demand for immersive gaming experiences has prompted game publishers to push the boundaries of their technical capabilities. In this context, Heynext stands as an exemplar, leading the charge in refined game development and earning the trust of over 100 million players worldwide. As time propels forward, it becomes evident that from its inception, Heynext was destined for greatness. What may have started as humble beginnings has now propelled Heynext to become the most promising game publishing company globally in just five years.

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