Here Are 5 of the Best-Paying Entry-Level Finance Jobs in 2023


The road to becoming a hedge fund manager or chief financial officer is a long and hard one. There are many possible routes you can take to advance your career. However, there are a select few entry-level finance jobs that we believe are the best for you to get your foot in the door, and get a nice paycheck as well.

Consider these five entry-level finance jobs as you prepare yourself to enter the job hunt. Keep in mind that these jobs are in no particular order, and are just a random selection of many great-paying finance jobs.

While it is true that you are not going to apply right out of college to become a venture capitalist such as this individual, there are a few jobs that have a surprisingly good salary compared to the industry averages.

1. Junior Tax Associate

Tax professionals are becoming increasingly sought after as businesses and individuals look for the easiest and best method of paying off their taxes. This entry-level position is a fantastic stepping stone for anyone looking to set their eyes on high level corporate positions in the future, as many CFOs are expected to have experience with taxes.

As a junior tax associate, you will be responsible for a wide range of duties to assist your senior tax professionals in their day-to-day tasks. Some examples include:

  • Preparing tax returns
  • Estimating payments
  • Conducting research
  • Working with auditors

The average salary for a junior tax associate is $56,780 according to an article by Investopedia. 

2. Personal Finance Advisor

Personal finance is one of the largest areas of finance, and will continue to be as more and more people seek financial advice. The average salary of a financial advisor is $94,710, and is expected to grow by 15% by 2031.

Additionally, because there is a wide range of financial advice, this career path is great for those looking to advance themselves in their careers at their own pace. And it comes with competitive compensation and increasingly better jobs (with good performance).

3. Accountant

Becoming an accountant is a great way to build your knowledge of finance and also gain some very valuable experience. Accountants are employed in all types of businesses, as it is a crucial job for the company. 

The average salary of an accountant with one to three years of experience is $64,250 according to 

4. Financial Auditor

Financial auditors are similar to accountants, but are responsible for verifying the authenticity of a company’s financial statements rather than creating them. They check to see if the financial statements are in compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), along with a few other rules.

All companies must have their financial statements audited, so this is a stable job that you can easily grow your salary with as you get more experience and expertise in the field. 

The average salary of a financial auditor is between $52,000 and $66,000, depending on their educational background and experience.

5. Credit Analyst

Credit analysts play a vital role in all banks and financial institutions. They assess customers’ credit applications and play a key role in determining many factors, such as loans and other lending decisions.

Credit analysts analyze the credit of your average individual looking for a small loan all the way up to huge businesses and corporations. The average salary for a credit analyst is $64,500, and can go upwards of $100,000.

You now have an idea of a few well-paying financial jobs to consider as you begin your career. Good luck in your job search!

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