Here are 10 things to keep an eye on next year

Here are 10 things to keep an eye on next year


The world is hoping for a new beginning in the new year after overcoming the horrors of 2021 corona. If 2021 is the year to turn the tide of the Corona epidemic, then 2022 is going to be the year to adapt to the new reality. Due to the Corona epidemic, things like politics, work, travel, tourism have changed in the world. In addition, issues such as the rise of China and the effects of climate change have been noted. The British magazine The Economist has compiled a list of 10 things that could catch the eye of the world next year.

The US midterm elections and the Congress of the Communist Party of China will take place next year. This year, the rivalry between the two world powers will intensify. This competition can be seen in everything from trade to technological control, from vaccinations to space stations. US President Joe Biden is trying to rally the free world under the banner of democracy. However, the division in his country is a weak advertisement in this case.

New antiviral pills, improved antibody treatments and more vaccines are coming. The virus will no longer be fatal for vaccinated people in the developed world. However, it could still pose a serious threat to the developing world. If it is not possible to take further steps in vaccination, Covid-19 will become a local disease like any other disease. It will affect the poor more, but not the rich.

Commodity prices are on the rise due to supply chain disruptions and rising energy demand. Central bankers say it’s temporary, but not everyone believes them. Britain is at particular risk of stagnation due to post-Brexit labor shortages and dependence on expensive natural gas.

There are a number of people who agree that the future of work will move towards a hybrid model. More people will spend more days working from home. However, there are many opportunities to disagree on the details. The question is how many days and which one? And whether it would be fair. Studies have shown that women are more reluctant to return to the office. So their promotion may be at risk. Apart from this, there is a debate on tax rules and monitoring of remote employees.

Regulators in the United States and Europe have been trying for years to rein in technology giants. But still they are looking for profit. But China is leading the way in reining in technology companies. The country has begun to strictly control the country’s technology companies. Chinese President Xi Jinping wants the country’s technology companies to focus on “deep tech” rather than trivial games or shopping apps. But will it increase China’s innovation or slow down the industry? In the coming New Year, the need to adapt to the post-epidemic realities will become more prominent.

Like other innovative technologies, the use of cryptocurrency is increasing. In this case, the regulators are making stricter rules. Central banks of different countries are following the path of their own cryptocurrency or digital currency. Next year will see a three-pronged fight with the financial future. The battle will be between crypto and blockchain conventional technology companies and the central bank.

Although climate crises such as fires, heat waves and floods have intensified, there has been a lack of urgent action among policy makers to address them. Although the geopolitical rivalry between the United States and China is deep, cooperation between the two countries is needed to reduce carbon emissions. The Harvard Solar-Geoengineering research team needs to be monitored. Next year they will conduct experiments to remove carbon from the atmosphere through balloons.

With the opening of the borders of different countries which were closed during the Corona, people are going out to travel. But for countries like New Zealand and Australia that have adopted a zero-sum policy, the management of the global transformation process will be a challenge. Meanwhile, the number of travel activities conducted for business purposes has come down to half. This, of course, is good for the world. But this is not good news for tourists.

2022 will be the first year when tourists will spend more money on space travel than the government. Competing aerospace companies will start the business of attracting tourists in this case. China will finish building their space station. Filmmakers are showing interest in shooting in a weightless environment. NASA plans to launch a spacecraft to change the direction of the asteroid. The mission will be conducted in reality like in Hollywood movies.

The Winter Olympics in Beijing and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be a reminder of how the world can be united. In addition to this, it can be seen that organizing big games often turns into a ‘political game’. Direct protests against the host country and the withdrawal of the name of the national team will also be noticed.
One of the notable successes of 2021 was the rapid development of corona vaccines using mRNA technology. The results of decades of research have come to light overnight. We need to keep an eye on some of these new technologies next year that could change people’s lives.

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