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Features of Gmail

If there are 10 social media users then it will be clear that about nine of them are using Gmail. Because, Gmail has been used as a rising email service from 2004, to till now. In these seventeen years, Google has updated Gmail various times and added a lot of features in all updates. However, these days, if we compare different email services then we will come to know that the features of Gmail are more than of other email services. In this article, we will discuss some important features of Gmail. Some features could be old while some will be the latest. But it should keep in mind that all the features of Gmail are useful for its users. It may be possible that some features are for personal use while some features could be use for business life.

However, here is the list of some useful features those will mention in detail.

Inline action buttons

This feature is useful and favorite by some users. It should be noted that this feature was added to Gmail in 2019, but the popularity of this feature has increased to a high level. When you will open an email in your inbox, then through these inline buttons, you can do some activities in a quick way. The options that you can do through this feature are archive, delete, mark it as read as well as unread and snooze it.

By using this feature, you can change the old method using Gmail in modern terms. For example, before 2019, if I want to delete an email then firstly, I should open the mail and then click on the lift box. And then click on the delete option. So, it will be needed for about 3 to 4 activities. But by using this feature, it can easily do.

Advantages of right-clicking

If you are using the desktop for our Gmail account, then you can get the service of the right-click menu. And by pressing on right-click you can access some activities of emails. As we talk above the inline action buttons, in the right-click feature, some extra activities are added. For example, in inline action buttons features, you will be able to access some activities like archive, snooze, delete, mark as read as well as unread. But in the right-click feature, reply, reply to all as well as forward options are included. So, this feature looks more useful than inline action buttons. There are some other options included in it like to see the other emails from the same sender or use a label to it as well as transfer this main to the other side. You can also get the opportunity of opening this email in a new window if there are many other emails already opened.

Snooze emails

If you are busy with your work and cannot give much attention to reply. But an important email comes, and you should reply to it at the required time. So, in this case, only the feature of snooze can help you. And make it clear to reply to this email.

If you receive this type of mail and want to reply to it next time, the next day, and next week when you can use the snooze option. When you open an email and then click on snooze email then this email will disappear. And you will choose a time when you want to reply to it. Then you can select a time in which you want to give attention to this email. And there is the option of selecting a favorite time in which you want to reply to it. Once you should have bought Gmail accounts and then you will get this opportunity.

Schedule emails

It is not possible for a person to have a computer or mobile device at all times. So, if you want that your important email should not miss, then you can get help from the feature of Gmail, schedule emails. For example, if you want to invite anybody to a party or wish to say happy birthday, then this option is useful. When you will use this feature, then Gmail gives you the opportunity of selecting the time and date, when you want to send it.

If you are using a Gmail account, but there is no option for such a feature, then you should delete your old Gmail version and should install the updated version. When you come to an email then don’t press the send option. Click on three vertical dots of your Gmail screen and then in the below you will see the option of scheduled email. There will be some options for sending in a later time and you can select any time of them. Or you can manually create your sending time. If you will buy Gmail accounts from us, we give the guarantee that all our accounts have the feature of scheduled emails.

Clickable attachments

Firstly, we have discussed inline action buttons. Now you can use the feature of Gmail through which you can send attachments without opening it. Because, these days, attachments are also added in the inline system. If you have already read any attachment and want to send it then you should double click on it. This is an important feature through which you can save your time and can do this activity in seconds.

Here we have discussed some important features of Gmail. Not all the above Gmail features are available for mobile users. For example, right click feature is not available for mobile users. While scheduled emails, as well as snooze emails features, are available for all users.

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