Gas station in space

Gas station in space!


Space waste is now a cause for concern for scientists. International efforts are underway to recycle or recycle this hazardous waste. Meanwhile, Newman Space, an Australian company, is talking about the possibility of making rocket fuel in space. Scientists have already started thinking of a gas station in space to remove this space waste.

According to a report in The Guardian, the wreckage of an old spacecraft is scattered in Earth’s orbit. In addition, unused artificial satellites and various parts of the rocket are running at a speed of 26 thousand kilometers per hour. These are artificial satellites and risks for the International Space Station. Even a small screw running at this speed could be a threat to the International Space Station or astronauts.

Russia destroyed its own artificial satellite last week by launching a missile. Waste has also spread from there. The United States says the waste poses a threat to space. If the situation worsens, the orbit will become unusable.

Newman Space says they will build an “electrical propulsion system” in space.

A propulsion system is a device that provides energy to push an object forward. This method can be used to prolong space missions as well as to launch artificial satellites.

The Australian company plans to convert space waste into fuel in collaboration with Astroscale of Japan and Nanorox of the United States. This fuel will be used in that propulsion system.

Japan’s Astroscale is working to collect space debris using artificial satellites. Nanorox in the United States can store and dispose of waste in space using advanced robots. Another U.S. company is working to melt sisaluna waste into metal rods. Newman could use the metal rod as fuel in space propulsion systems. This device will be able to remove waste from the orbit. Harvey Astier, chief executive of Newman Space, said they had already received approval from NASA to launch the project.

If an object is sent into space, if it is not dislodged or burnt in the Earth’s atmosphere, it will remain there forever. As the problem of waste in space increases, various organizations around the world have started working to remove it in various ways starting from magnetic system.

An organization called Seba Astronatics has received a NASA grant to use space sails to catch debris. Sydney’s Electro Optics System has teamed up with the University of Canberra to develop laser technology to avoid collisions with waste. However, recycling the waste without destroying it is being seen as a new step.

“It’s still the technology of the future,” Aster said. But I see the possibility. Many people are now investing in space waste. From a business point of view, it is possible to collect waste and use it. Because, there is no need to send fuel. It’s like building a gas station in space.

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