Fire at the World Trade Center in Hong Kong, 300 trapped

Fire at the World Trade Center in Hong Kong, 300 trapped


A fire at the World Trade Center in Hong Kong, China’s semi-autonomous region, has left more than 300 people trapped on the roof of the building. According to the South China Morning Post, the fire started around 12:30 pm on Wednesday.

The fire started from an electric switch room. The fire then spread to different parts of the building and the area was covered in smoke. The 36-story building is in the Causeway Bay area. Eight people were taken to hospital with excessive smoke entering their respiratory tract. Of these, one is male and six are female. A 52-year-old woman with leg injuries has also been taken to hospital.

Many have already been rescued. But shoppers and people going to restaurants are stuck. No casualties were reported after the blaze. In addition, the Hong Kong Fire Service Department has started emergency medical services to provide medical treatment to the injured on the spot.

According to a Reuters report, firefighters are continuing to try to contain the blaze. Ladders are being used to rescue those trapped inside the building.

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