Find the persons missing in the launch accident

Find the persons missing in the launch accident


A week has passed since the fire broke out in Avijan-10 on Sugandha river in Jhalakati, but many questions remain unanswered. As many as 47 bodies have been recovered from the launch. However, the exact number of missing persons is unknown. Relatives of the missing persons are still rushing to various places with their pictures. Their only wish is that at least the body of the relative should be returned. The question is whether these cries will go in vain.

Find the persons missing in the launch

A case has been filed after the accident of Avijan-10. The owner has been arrested, and two workers, including the launch driver, have surrendered. But not everyone was able to get the financial support that was supposed to be given for the burial of the passengers killed in the fire.

Why would that be? Can’t the administration treat the bereaved people a little more humanely? The owners and workers of the launch are responsible for the accident, no doubt. They must be punished. But those who have given clearance that there is no problem with the launch and those who have ignored the irregularities years after years, cannot avoid liability. They must be brought under accountability.

The fact that so many people died in the fire is not a mere accident. Many call this a sort of institutional murder. And such killings occur, there is no chance of avoiding responsibility. Owners and workers cannot be allowed to continue this arbitrariness on roads or waterways.

We will never get back the people who died in the fire. But it is not impossible to prevent such man-made accidents in the future if those responsible are brought to justice.

We hope that in accordance with the directions of the court, the persons concerned will submit the investigation report in due course, determine the damages, and make arrangements for compensation by making a complete list of the persons killed and missing. Those responsible for the fire must be brought to justice. Authorities also need to ensure that in the future no one can run a launch violating the rules and regulations.

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