Inhaled Vaccine For COVID19

Experts Aim To Develop An Inhaled Vaccine For COVID19 To Target Most Vulnerable Points Of Attack Of The Virus


Scientists around the world have not been leaving any stone unturned to come up with a vaccine for COVID19. We hear that the COVID19 vaccines are designed to be administered into the arm. However, experts have been looking at whether they can develop more effective protection from vaccination, which targets specific points of attack of the virus. Most of the vaccines for human trials need two shots to verify the efficacy, but experts are not sure whether it will prevent the infection. Scientists are trying to design superior protection with inhaled vaccines, which can directly target the airway cells. The airway cells are a major point of attack of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. An alternative to conventional vaccines is in pipeline in the US, Britain, and Hong Kong. Experts have said it might help people to access the vaccine easily, escaping the restrictions imposed by the government due to the pandemic.

Experts say that the inhaled vaccine will prevent the growth of the virus in the nose. The nose is a vulnerable point of attack of the virus, from which the infection starts spreading all over the body and to other people as well. Dr. Frances Lund an immunologist at the University of Alabama has been working on an inhaled vaccination alternative in association with Biotech Altimmune Inc. He has said that an inhaled vaccine will have more advantages as compared to a conventional vaccine, which will be delivered steadily. The majority of vaccines makers have chosen a conventional route (injection) to administer the vaccine. While scientists who have been making inhaled vaccines have focused on some of the distinctive traits of the lungs, nose, and throat. These unique features are linked with mucosa, which has high levels of an antibody called IgA. This antibody helps in preventing the respiratory virus. The inhaled vaccine will activate these immune weapons and will protect the deeper areas in the lungs, which are majorly hit by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Experts have said that they will improve the efficacy of the experimental vaccine to prevent the spread of the virus. A previous study has shown that an inhaled vaccine given via nose has developed a strong immune reaction throughout the body in mice. This approach has been quite effective in the nose and respiratory tract. The findings of the study show that the inhaled vaccine has prevented the virus from taking over the body. Experts have told that this vaccine has practical benefits as well. It will be a needleless procedure. Health professionals do not need to store or transport it at low temperatures. It will reduce the requirement of health workers for administration as well. This experimental vaccine will be delivered in a mouthpiece in an aerosol, which will be similar to some of the asthma therapies. Experts have said that the COVID19 infection takes place in the respiratory tract, so we need a vaccine, which triggers an antibody response in the nose and lungs for strong and effective protection against the virus.

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