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Everyone in the world is generally looking for peace and they associate that type of peace with comfort and all of that is almost always found in their homes as it is the calmest and relaxing place. Nowadays the internet has become so commonplace that everyone from a child to an adult is having access to it from their smartphones and tablets to their personal computers and that has made general access and communication so much more accessible. It has its downsides like not enough speed and range etc but overall it provides a great experience. So when people are in their homes they want it to be more of a safe zone and somewhere they can relax but now that internet access is a must in everyday lives there may be issues with connectivity in your home. It may not be as fast and reliable as the one you have in your office and could cause discomfort and frustration. I know I have had a lot of problems because of my modem’s terrible range and so I had to solve them and the only way I did it is by getting a new modem from Netgear, one of the most trusted brands. 

I basically had to get rid of the old modem as it was very old and kind of trashy so I got the modem and did the Netgear modem setup fairly quickly as it was really quite easy. It didn’t take much time or reading as it was fairly obvious but mind you I had experience in setting up such devices.

Setting up the Netgear modem 

The entire set up is similar to setting up a router. The only difference between a modem and a router is that a modem relays signals from the ISP to your home by converting them from analog to digital and vice-versa by modulating and demodulating the signals from your ISP into standard Wi-Fi signals that can be interpreted by your devices, modem basically is a portmanteau of modulator and demodulator whereas a router is a networking device that basically routes your internet connection from a modem to all of your other devices. You may wonder that the definition is the same and you are not quite right as there are a few things a router does that differentiate it further from a modem. It also allows different devices to communicate with one another over the network. Well now that the basics are understood let’s setup the modem. First, connect it to a power supply and then connect the DSL port of the modem to your phone line. Then connect the Ethernet cable into any one of the LAN ports and enter the default link into an internet browser then enter the login credentials all of which are provided in the back of the modem. Then enter and modify the SSID and password and any other settings that you want to. This basically concludes the Netgear modem installation. 

However, this is not all once the setup wizard has been opened it will give you two options to choose from and you have to either select the automatic configuration or the manual configuration, and depending on your usage you may choose whatever fits you best. Now, this is how the Netgear modem browser setup is done.

Netgear Nighthawk Modem Troubleshooting 

There are things that can easily go wrong when a layperson is setting up their device for the first time and among them are improper setup which can lead to the modem not establishing an internet connection and not letting other devices connect to it. These are all minor issues and can be easily be solved by logging into the default link and running the troubleshooter but that is more than likely to fail as these glitches need to be completely eradicated and for that, you need to reset the device and set it up again. Then go to the Netgear nighthawk router login and set up a different password. This will complete the troubleshooting. Also, keep in mind to always maintain the modem and switch it off when not in use. 

A short review

It’s pretty amazing at its job however it has its flaws. It does a great job but still lacks all the features a typical router would have. It has great design and functionality.

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