EasyLPEC wins NYAITA 2023 Innovative Advertising Platform of the Year Award


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a core technology driving social development, and many outstanding companies and leaders in the field of AI are advancing technological progress at an alarming rate, bringing profound changes to the world. Since the beginning of 2023, the world’s eyes have almost focused on “AI,” and the discussion of AI and the future of mankind has become the focus of public opinion.

With the rise of AICG, the advertising industry that is receptive to new things has also taken the pace of exploring AI technology, and a variety of AI advertising forms have emerged around the world. From text, pictures, to music, and video, these AI advertising works reshape the content ecology of the industry and expand the boundaries of human imagination.

New York is the cradle of the global artificial intelligence industry, New York artificial intelligence technology association NYAITA (New York Advertising and Information Technology Association) Is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the AI technology industry, and each year the association selects companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in this field.

EasyLPEC won the Best Innovative Advertising Platform Award at the NYAITA 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony. This award recognizes EasyLPEC’s outstanding contribution to innovation in advertising technology and affirms its leadership in the advertising industry. EasyLPEC is a company focused on providing innovative advertising solutions, and its unique advertising platform is unique in the industry. EasyLPEC’s advertising platform has won praise from users for its efficiency, precision and user-friendly features.

EasyLPEC has been committed to technological innovation and product development since its inception, and is committed to bringing customers more efficient and automated marketing solutions. In the past year, EasyLPEC has continuously innovated and broken through the tradition, and achieved remarkable results, which is also an important reason for winning the Best Innovative Advertising Platform Award.

EasyLPEC is a leading industry development enterprise, simplifying the practical AI intelligent marketing platform, Using performance-driven AI algorithms to precisely target audiences, brands can deliver attractive ads at the right time and on the right platform to effectively connect and convert consumers around the world. EasyLPEC Intelligent Marketing Platform has successfully attracted the attention of advertisers and users with its outstanding creative capabilities, innovative marketing strategies and industry-leading platform services. They break through the traditional advertising model, bring brand new publicity methods for the brand, and provide users with a wonderful advertising experience.

EasyLPEC has spared no effort in technology research and development, continuously introducing innovative products and services. The development of its advanced artificial intelligence technology in many fields has bred a good application prospect, and has brought inevitable impact on society. EasyLPEC further connects with global mobile traffic and provides professional and efficient one-stop integrated effect marketing services for global enterprises. EasyLPEC will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, continue to explore new technologies, new products, to create greater for customers and society They also said that EasyLPEC will continue to promote the combination of technological innovation and social responsibility, to promote industry progress and social prosperity to contribute more strength.

In the era of artificial intelligence, the advertising industry faces tremendous opportunities for change and innovation. Data-driven advertising decisions, personalized advertising, and virtual reality and augmented reality advertising are three key trends. These trends are making ads more accurate, relevant and innovative, bringing more business value to advertisers and providing a better user experience. With the continuous advancement and application of artificial intelligence technology, these trends will continue to evolve and innovate, bringing more opportunities and challenges to the advertising industry. Advertisers need to keep up with the trend of the times, actively adopt new technologies and strategies, and continuously optimize advertising decisions to meet the needs of users and maximize advertising effectiveness.

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