Dubai’s ruler and Princess Hire divorces for 500 million


Dubai’s billionaire ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum and his youngest wife, Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein, have been sentenced in a landmark divorce case.

In all, Princess Haya will receive a total of 500 million.

The High Court has asked Princess Haya, 46, daughter of former Jordanian King Hussein, to pay 251.5 million at a time.

She is the sixth and youngest wife of Sheikh Mohammed.

Sheikh Mohammed is not only the wealthy ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, he is also an influential owner of race horses in the world of horse racing.

Princess Haya fled to Britain in 2019 with her two children. He said Sheikh Mohammad had earlier abducted his two daughters, Sheikh Latifa and Sheikh Shamsa, and that he was now in danger of losing his life.

After learning that Princess Haya had fallen in love with one of her British bodyguards, a former soldier, Sheikh Mohammed published a poem entitled “You Were Alive, You Were Dead” in which he was presumed to have been threatened. He said he had received threats even after coming to Britain.

The court has ruled that Princess Hayer’s two children will have to pay 5.8 million a year to the Dubai ruler’s house, and will be protected by a 290 million guarantee.

Of these two children, one daughter is 14 years old and the son is nine years old.

Princess Hare has two homes in Britain worth millions of pounds, and the ruling also covers the cost of maintaining them. One of these houses is next to Kensington Palace in London, and the other in Egham, Surrey County.

The verdict also includes the cost of the princess’ security, the cost of her vacation, the salary and accommodation of a nurse and ayr, the cost of a bulletproof car for the family, and the cost of her pet horse and other animals.

It is said to be the largest divorce case in the history of the UK legal world.

This year, the High Court ruled that Sheikh Mohammed illegally hacked the phones of Princess Haya, her bodyguards and lawyers. Israeli spyware Pegasus is used for this.

However, Sheikh Mohammed said he did not have any hacked material, and that his approval was not monitored.

He further added that he had no intention of harming the princess.

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