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DU IER’s proposal to cancel the PEC exam immediately


The Institute of Education and Research (IER) of Dhaka University has said that the Primary Education Completion (PEC) examination is a certified examination. Such tests create extreme stress on children. Therefore, PEC exams should be canceled immediately for relieving the stress of children and for their proper development and enjoyment of education.

After reviewing the draft of ‘Primary Education Board Act, 2021’ prepared by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, IER has made some more such proposals. A few days ago, the director of the IER, Professor. A press release signed by Abdul Halim said that they are going to organize a workshop and prepare a review report based on the analysis of teachers and send it to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

Primary Education Completion

The new curriculum outlined by the government does not include any examinations like completion of primary education and junior school certificate in the outline of the new curriculum from primary to higher secondary level. In the outline, it has been said to go to tenth class and take public examination. But the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has taken initiative to set up a ‘Primary Education Board’ like Madhyamik to take PEC examinations permanently. The Board of Primary Education has called for views on the draft law to form the board. Since then many concerned have been opposing it. In a recent statement, 38 prominent citizens of the country demanded that the Board of Primary Education withdraw from the initiative to legislate, calling it a “suicidal decision”.
Now the institution has demanded cancellation of Dhaka University (DU) IERO Primary Education Completion Examination. The IER review report also highlights the context of different countries in the world and makes a number of proposals for evaluation.

In addition to the proposal to cancel the PEC exam, the IER said that if there is to be an institution for the development of the primary education assessment system, it must be progressive and forward-looking. The assessment system needs to be developed in such a way that it prepares the child for the implementation of Vision-2041 and its successful adaptation to the rapidly changing times. Therefore, the work of the institution will not be to take certificate based examination, but it will work towards building a holistic assessment system which will help the child to develop as an independent, ethical and lifelong student.

The purpose of which will be development of learning, refinement of teaching-learning system and development of schools and education system.
For the overall development of the education system, an integrated education law needs to be enacted, which will have an overall legal framework for education, the IER said.

Mentioned, the government started taking PEC exam from 2009. Ibtedayi education final examination is also introduced for the equivalent students of the madrasa. Now about 3 million students take part in these exams. At present this examination is conducted under the Department of Primary Education.

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