Driving in Low Visibility conditions

Driving in Low Visibility conditions: A Safety Guide


If you are driving in low visibility conditions such as fog, snow, rain, and dusk or dawn, it is essential to stay alert and aware. Many factors can play during these times that may make driving difficult. These include reduced visibility due to bad weather conditions, unfamiliar roads not being appropriately lit, and objects blocking the view ahead. These driving tips can help you choose how to approach a challenging situation while providing safety precautions for both you and your passengers. Driving in low visibility conditions can be difficult because so many factors come into play when navigating an unfamiliar area at night, such as reduced visibility due to bad weather conditions from snow or fog, unfamiliar roads not being appropriately lit, and objects blocking your view.

Climate and driving conditions in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is located in the middle east, over the western peninsula. It has a hot and dry climate, especially in the summer season. Temperatures can reach highs of up to 50°C. The rainy season is from March to September; however, rainfall can vary significantly from year to year. From November to February, the winter season is mild and sunny with low humidity. The spring season of March to May features calm days and occasionally some temperature rises. Summer temperature and humidity levels are high, but the province of Hejaz experiences hot arid conditions. The driving conditions in Saudi Arabia vary significantly depending on the section. It is advised to familiarise yourself with the driving conditions in your region, such as whether it receives midday or afternoon showers or whether it experiences heavy rain and how frequent.

Travel only if necessary 

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You should travel only if necessary, particularly in hazardous weather conditions. If you must travel, take extra care when driving on unfamiliar roads. Always remain alert, keep to the speed limit, and leave spare time to reach your destination. Be aware of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists, who may also be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Drive carefully and slow :

Driving in low visibility conditions can be challenging as you have to look for other motorists and pedestrians. It would help if you moved more slowly to give yourself time to react to sudden changes in the road or traffic conditions. Stay focused during your journey and leave extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front to accommodate sudden stops.

Wait for the fog to clear during very low visibility 

If fog or shallow visibility conditions persist, do not drive. If you have to travel because of work or school, consider planning your journey during the day when visibility would be better. If you must travel during the night, wait until the fog clears. Do not use fog lights if visibility is poor, they may dazzle and distract other drivers and increase the risk of an accident.

Use dipper or fog lights 

Consider using a dipper or fog lights if you have to drive in fog or external visibility conditions. Fog lights are the least intrusive form of lighting available on the market, and they are designed to keep people from being dazzled by the bright light that comes from headlights and other high power lighting systems. Fog lights use small amounts of light to reflect from the ground as opposed to a headlight that utilizes a higher beam of light to illuminate objects and help drivers navigate road conditions. Fog lights never look directly at nearby things or people, so they do not distract other motorists. 

Stay focused while driving 

Be alert and stay focused at all times. Be on the lookout for opposing traffic and pedestrians. Always pay attention and be prepared for a sudden change in traffic conditions. Keep to the average speed limit during low visibility conditions, and be prepared to slow down quickly. It would help if you left extra time to reach your destination safely.

Avoid turning the hazard lights on 

Switching on the hazard lights while driving is not recommended as this may confuse other drivers. It would help if you only used them to warn drivers behind you when your car has broken down or obstructed the road. When you are driving and see vehicles in front of you stop suddenly, it is also a good idea to quickly slow down and pull over. If all parties involved in the accident can reach the scene safely, this will save both time and money.

Use a heater to clean up the fog 

It would help if you did not use the heater while driving. It can be dangerous as it can distract you and cause an accident, but you can use the heater once you have parked your vehicle safely at home or in your parking lot. Using the heater will help clear the fog from your car’s exterior so that you can drive safely in the morning.

Use your headlights properly 

If visibility is poor, you should turn on your headlights as it will help keep you and other motorists safe on the road. Turn them off when unnecessary or visibility is good enough to continue driving with your regular headlights turned off or dimmed. You should also monitor your speed and leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you if you have to slow down. It would help if you did not use your fog lights as they may distract other motorists or pedestrians.

Keep a safe distance 

Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Be ready to brake if conditions suddenly change. Do not pass a car on your right side when visibility is poor, but do so with caution on the left side. You should leave extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you because bad weather conditions may suddenly change or people may suddenly change lanes.
Saudi Arabia has an extensive road network to cope with the traffic conditions and the daily use of your car. It is advisable to regularly monitor your vehicle for signs of wear and tear and for mechanical defects for which repairs should be made immediately. Dammam car rental company is always ready to serve you at any time of your need. You can also get any assistance you may need at any time. We go beyond the ordinary to offer you exceptional services even in adverse weather conditions.

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