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Different kinds of external lifting tools


For the many construction jobs that require working at high levels, lifting gear is a must. Many choices are depending on your uses, IQIP offers external lifting tools for the offshore wind industry. This is one of the many industries that constantly require lifting tools. If you are setting up your offshore wind company, you must learn more about IQIP. We’ll talk about the most common lifting tools used today.


These are elevators that are used in buildings. The cabin and tower of a construction hoist make it easy to lift things quickly. Those that can move several hundred pounds are very useful in the building business. Diesel engines or electric motors can power them. Some of them are run by chains or hydraulics. Instead of moving the load horizontally, it is raised vertically.


Cranes are the most common type of external lifting tools. Cranes are the most common and flexible way to lift things for construction projects. Every building with more than one floor needs a crane. Why are they so crucial, then? They can move and operate easily and can carry a lot of weight. From small hydraulic cranes that can only be used once to huge tower cranes that can climb tall buildings. You can find a crane that fits your lifting needs and the place where it will be used. These three types of cranes are the most common:

  • Mobile cranes are easy to move around because they can be put on a truck or tracks. Because they can lift lighter loads from lower heights, mobile cranes are more useful than stationary ones.
  • Tower cranes are another type that you might see. The mast gives the ship the right height. The jib is attached to the tower crane’s mast. The massive machinery is controlled by a crew in a cabin located between the mast and jib.
  • Static cranes are like tower cranes, except that the mast doesn’t move. Instead, the whole tower moves.

Construction companies often hire crane services because these machines can load and move heavy things quickly and in a variety of ways.


Forklifts are helpful on both building sites and in warehouses. Forklifts are used to move things around. By using forklifts, construction sites can get more done in less time. Forklifts are quick and easy to use for construction work on a single floor. Before you rent or buy a forklift, here are some things to think about:

  • Wheels 
  • Fuel 
  • Capacity

A forklift is a popular and reliable tool because it saves time and work. If you want to get things done faster and easier on the job site, you might want to train your workers to use forklifts.

Lifting tables and platforms 

Using lifting tables and platforms, people can do work at higher levels. The table usually has a mechanism that lets it go down slowly. While lifting the platform,  they make sure that workers can safely reach any height. Working platforms include scaffolds, gangways, trestles, and other mobile platforms. You can use the following surfaces as work platforms:

  • Tools and supplies can be used with it.
  • Robust (erected on solid ground)
  • Well-kept 
  • Handrail-equipped 

To move heavy platforms and tables, you need a reliable way to do it. Think about how big it will be, how much weight it can hold, and how it will be.

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