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The centenary celebrations of Dhaka University and Jagannath Hall were celebrated in Sydney. The event was organized by Jagannath Hall Alumni Association Australia. Alumni of DU and Jagannath Hall took part with their families from various parts of Australia on 19 December in the auditorium of Blacktown City Council. I also take part with my family.
Forgive my fatigue, Lord

After traveling hundreds of miles to attend the centenary celebrations, we arrived in Sydney at the end of a long 12-hour journey. Hotel Novotel was booked in advance. Before arriving at the hotel, we received a special dinner at a relative’s house in Sydney. Arranging Bahari desi food seems to have intensified our hunger after a long journey. When we go to bed after finishing the formalities of the hotel, it is midnight. Falling asleep with a lot of fatigue. The next day is the centenary celebration of Dhaka University and Jagannath Hall. I say to God, ‘Forgive my fatigue, Lord!

The Blacktown City Council auditorium was decorated with colorful decorations for the Golden Jubilee. It’s like a piece of Dhaka University! It is as if he got back to the youth of university life. In this reunion of young and old, it was as if everyone got back the youth of university life. Many people have cried, laughed and hugged each other emotionally in this reunion of life. A replica of the red bus of Dhaka University was placed at the main entrance of the auditorium. Then another symbol of Dhaka University, Invincible Bengal, was hung at the entrance of the auditorium.

The auditorium was nicely decorated. Jagannath Hall was a special gift from Dhaka University for the guests. The main stage is decorated with 100 written electric lights. Biswajit Chakraborty, the great grandfather of Jagannath Hall, was the architect of this theme. Currently working at Commonwealth Bank. He was a sponsor of the event. The main episode of the program begins with auspicious music. Ten women came forward in front of the stage with this song of the poet, ‘Touch the parashamani of fire in your soul, make this life virtuous by burning’.

There was plenty of free parking outside the auditorium. Only alumni of the university will attend the event, how is that? Special face painting is arranged for the little ones. The various designs and shapes of the animals made with balloons captivated the children in the festive mood. A variety of local dishes were prepared for all the guests.

Unbeatable Bengal is one of the best sculptures in Bangladesh located at Dhaka University, known as the Oxford of the East. This invincible Bengal is a symbol of the conviction and truth that Bangladesh stands with its head held high. This sculpture symbolizes the participation and victory of the men and women of Bengal in the liberation war shoulder to shoulder. On the far side of the three idols of invincible Bengal is a statue of a convincing warrior woman. A young warrior holding a rifle belt firmly in his rifle shoulder and right hand. Strong sense of freedom in everyone’s eyes.

On this centenary, the organizers seem to have brought back the strong spirit of independence to the Blacktown auditorium in Sydney. On the occasion of the centenary of the month of victory, the invincible Bengali replica seems to have greeted the guests warmly.

Due to having classes in the Faculty of Science, many may have gone less to the invincible Bengal of Dhaka University. But here in the replica of the invincible Bengal did not forget to do a photo session.

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