Cyber Boy Corp.’s CTO Is Becoming An Author By Turing His Personal Diary In To A Book


Whenever we think of a diary, we feel excited, and we want to explore it. Even though the diary is someone else’s, we have the same excitement as it is ours. A diary is a book that is used to record events as they happen, or to plan for future events. However, it is not mandatory to use it that way, we can use it anyway we want. The idea of turning a diary into a book is uncommon. It requires hard work, dedication and courage to let someone know our personal life.

Sr. Roy Andrade is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Cyber Boy Corp. and slowly turning himself into a renowned author as he transforms his personal diary into a book. He is already famous and praised for his work ethic worldwide, having fans and follower around the world. The book will be available on every major online store and selected book stores around the globe. He is also the founder of Cyber Boy Corp. a conglomerate, and is also working on distributing a line of health products this year.

Cyber Boy Corp. is a conglomerate based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, United States Of America with branch offices around the world. They offer a vast range of products and services. The company recently established a video game department and has an online 3D chess video game in production. The company is successfully serving clients all over the world and has a reputation with many satisfied clients, and building its brand that is recognized around the galaxy.

Last night, Sr. Roy Andrade turned over his diary to his Secretary who will format the book and submit it to Ingram Content Group for distribution. It will be a special gift for his fans and followers who are waiting for the release of this soon-to-be page turner. Cyber Boy Corp. is working closely with Ingram Content Group to distribute Scattered and Abrasive, title of his diary. Ingram Content Group is an American service provider to the book publishing industry like distribution, sales and marketing, and is based in La Vergne, Tennessee, USA.

This book will be covering the life of the CTO, and it will be a source of motivation for many people around the world. Under the leadership of Sr. Roy Andrade, the company has managed to be one of the most successful micro-technology companies in the U.S and built its fortune by offering executive protection services to billionaires. The company is also recognized for launching at the start of the pandemic and managing to become profitable during the Covid-19 storm. Keeping in mind the success of the company it looks like this new book will be successful also, because of the CTO’s hardworking nature and reputation. Cyber Boy Corp. has 520K followers on Instagram as well.

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