Coronas new type of concern, named Omicron, WHO

Corona’s new type of concern, named Omicron: WHO


The new type of corona, first identified in South Africa, is called Omicron. Initially it was called B.1.1.529. The World Health Organization (WHO) has described the type as “worrying”. This information was given in a statement of the organization on Friday local time.

A fourth wave of the virus is currently sweeping across European countries, according to the AFP news agency. Omicron was identified in this. It is still considered one of the most dangerous types of corona to be found. The relatively weak alpha, beta and gamma strains at the onset of the epidemic also created alarming conditions.

A statement from the World Health Organization (WHO) said: The World Health Organization is calling the B1.1.529 category a matter of concern. It has been renamed Omicron. Initial reports indicate that coronary heart disease is at risk of relapse.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it will take weeks to test the newly identified strain. It will be examined during this period whether there is any change in the nature of the type of infection and the cause of the physical complication. Attempts will also be made to find out if there will be any effect on conventional treatment and vaccination of corona.

According to the BBC, so far new types of corona have been found in Bastoana, Israel and Hong Kong in addition to South Africa. In Belgium, one of the European countries, the type has been identified so far.

Meanwhile, after the identification of Omicron, different countries of the world have imposed new restrictions on travel. The European Union (EU) has imposed an emergency ban on flights from several countries in southern Africa. Soon after, the United States and Canada imposed similar sanctions. The United Kingdom has also imposed a temporary ban on flights from six African countries.

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