Boris wanted that ‘great’ gift at Christmas

Boris wanted that ‘great’ gift at Christmas


In his Christmas message, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the public to take the corona vaccine. He described the vaccination as a “great” Christmas gift for the family and the country. News AFP.

New infections have recently been reported in the United Kingdom due to the type of coronary ammonia. The country set a new record on Thursday in terms of infection rates. About 1 lakh 20 thousand people have been newly infected in 24 hours on this day. The Christmas festival is being organized in this. There is one more day in hand.

Boris Johnson has already given a message to the people ahead of this major religious festival of the Christians. There he reminded the people that the time was running out to buy gifts for the family on the occasion of Christmas. In such a situation, the British Prime Minister has given the idea of ​​a new gift to the people. “Even in this time, you can give a great gift to your family and the whole country,” Boris said. And that is vaccination. Maybe it’s the first, second and booster dose. ‘

On 19 December last year, Boris Johnson issued a residence order for residents of London and the south-east of England. Millions of people were forced to change their Christmas plans. However, the British Prime Minister has ruled out the possibility of tightening restrictions on Christmas festivities, despite the increase in infections. He urged all adults in the country to take booster doses by the end of this year rather than enforcing the ban.

In his Christmas message, Boris added, “I hope millions of families across the country will be able to have a much better Christmas this time around than ever before.” He gave.

Boris Johnson thinks that because of vaccinations, more people are able to reunite with their families this Christmas than last year. He said that the teachings of Jesus Christ will also be followed through vaccination. Because, Jesus said, “We must love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.”

Earlier in the day, Boris Johnson was criticized for organizing parties in Downing Street and other government offices during the UK embargo. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats. They were especially annoyed by the obligation to show Covid Pass when entering crowded places like nightclubs. These leaders feel that such restrictions undermine personal freedom. About 100 Tory MPs opposed the ban, which was passed by parliament.

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