Biden agrees with the anti-slogan!


One person chanted anti-Biden slogans during a virtual greeting exchange with US President Joe Biden. “Let’s go, Brandon,” the man told Biden at a virtual children’s event at the White House on Friday, local time. Suddenly, not realizing the irony, Biden agreed. News from the BBC.

The event was held at the South Court Auditorium yesterday. Joe Biden and Jill Biden were virtually associated with children from different places. They knew where Santa Claus was staying and listened to the children’s wishes. At one point, a man named Jared from the state of Oregon called. Next to him were his four children. Griffin, 11, Piper, 4, Hunter, 3, and Penelope, 2.

“I think you are their father,” said President Joe Biden, referring to Jared. Jared replied in the affirmative. Biden said to him again, ‘All right, Dad, what do you want for Christmas?’ “Maybe it’s a lonely night,” Jared said with a smile.

Biden said, ‘Dad, you know we have hunters too. Our son’s name is Hunter and grandson’s name is also Hunter. “I didn’t know you had a grandson named Hunter,” Jared said. Nice to hear that. ‘

President Biden then asked Griffin how old he was. In response, Griffin said he was 11 and wanted a piano from the president as a Christmas present. Hunter and Piper also want toys.

Joe Biden smiled and reminded the children to go to bed at 9 o’clock at night. Otherwise, Santa Claus may not see them.
Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden wish Jared’s family a Merry Christmas.

Jared then said, ‘Have a great Christmas. Merry Christmas and let’s go Brandon. ‘

The US President then did not understand the irony and said, ‘Let’s go Brandon. I agree. ‘

Then everyone was silent for a while. Then Biden started again, ‘Well, are you in Oregon? Where is your home? ‘ Seeing no further response, Biden said he seemed to be disconnected.

Let’s go back to last month to find out how the Let’s Go Brandon slogan came about. The state of Alabama in the United States was in a car race that day. The competition was broadcast by NBC. At one point, an NBC reporter interviewed Brandon Brown, the winning driver of the race. It was being broadcast live. Suddenly, a group of people behind them started shouting obscene slogans at US President Joe Biden. The words that came from behind were clearly heard in that live broadcast interview. The reporter told Brandon that those people were shouting slogans at him, whether he was handling the situation or making a mistake. They say, let’s go Brandon.

Let’s go Brandon was used as a funny trick after this incident. Not only that, it also turned into an anti-Biden slogan.

The same vehicle. Sometimes it will be on the road by bus, sometimes it will be on the train by train. Passengers will be able to board the bus and train at the same time sitting in a car. For the first time in the world, Japan has created such a dual mood vehicle (vehicle of dual nature). It started its journey on Saturday in the town of Kaiyo in the Tokushima prefecture of the country. News Reuters.

This dual mode vehicle, known as DMV for short, looks like a minibus. Like other cars on the road, it is driven by ordinary rubber tire wheels. However, when getting on the railway line, the steel wheel comes out from the side of its abdomen. Then it turned into an effective train carriage.

After being converted to a train, its steel wheels keep the front tires up. The rear wheels will be lowered to push the vehicle off the road and onto the railway.

This dual mode vehicle can carry 21 passengers. It can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour on the railway line. And its maximum speed on the road is 100 kilometers per hour.

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