Bangabandhu and the language movement


A huge background of the language movement. Its range is from 1947 to 1971. The one who was with him almost all this time was Bangabandhu. Language movement, freedom struggle and Bangladesh Bangabandhu has a pulse with each of them. His name comes up first in any of these discussions. Even before partition, it was clear that nothing good was happening for East Bengal. So the people of Bengal are aware to protect their rights. Then Bangabandhu, Kazi Idris, Shahidullah Kaiser, Ataur Rahman of Rajshahi and many others organized a meeting at Sirajuddaula Hotel in Kolkata. The purpose of this meeting was to fix the tasks of the youth of East Bengal.

There are still a few days left before the birth of Pakistan. At that time Aligarh University Vice Chancellor Ziauddin Ahmed wrote an article. In that article, he referred to Urdu as the proposed state language of Pakistan. In those days the self-exploration of Bengalis has started.

Dr. Muhammad strongly protested Shahidullah. He wrote in the daily Azad that if the proposed Pakistan had a state language, then democratically Bengali should be the state language of 56% of the people. If the state language is more than one, then Urdu can be considered.

Then among the people of progressive and non-communal thought. Muhammad Shahidullah’s speech caused a stir. A meeting was held at Sirajuddaula Hotel in view of such a situation. The decision of this meeting was to convene a conference of non-communal youth of East Bengal with the establishment of Pakistan. Then on 15th August independent Pakistan was born. The leaders came to Dhaka. They interacted with student and youth leaders in Dhaka. Following this, the date of the East Pakistan Workers’ Conference was fixed from September 6 to 7, 1947.

But the government of Khwaja Nazimuddin obstructed the conference. There was no place to go. At that time Khansaheb Abul Hasnat was the Vice Chairman of Dhaka Municipality. The conference was held at his house. This was the first conference of progressive leaders in East Bengal after partition. At this conference the young leader proposed the language of Bangabandhu. As such, it was Bangabandhu who proposed the first language in East Bengal.

He said, “The East Pakistan Workers’ Conference is proposing to make Bengali the vehicle of writing and the language of the courts of East Pakistan. Let the people be the ones to decide what will be the state language of the whole of Pakistan and let the decision of the people be taken as final. Thus the demand for the first language was uttered by Bangabandhu in East Bengal on that day.

Then that demand was voiced in thousands of voices from this conference. The East Pakistan Democratic Youth League was born at that conference on 7 September. Bangabandhu, the student leader of the day, read out the resolution of the conference. He was involved in the language movement of East Bengal from the very beginning. It is known from various sources including secret report of Pakistani intelligence, Bangabandhu’s ‘unfinished autobiography’, ‘prison diary’, Tajuddin Ahmed’s diary, writings of various periodicals, various documents of language movement, reminiscences of language activists. .

Bangabandhu had an impeccable role in the formation of the Democratic Juba League and the East Pakistan Muslim Chhatra League. He was on the central committee of these organizations. He led the language movement from the front during the strike on March 11. Bangabandhu was a very important leader at the beginning of the language movement. There is evidence of this in the Pakistani intelligence report. He took very active part in the agitation.

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