Applications of Solenoid Valves

Applications of Solenoid Valves


Today, Flow control valves are commonly found in many systems and devices where they provide exceptional control over the flow rate and other process variables. Proportional solenoid valves serve a variety of purposes in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. They are commonly used in various places including the water systems of homes and offices, HVAC systems, home heating furnaces, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems etc. 

Nowadays several types of proportional valves are available to fulfil the need of various systems. They all have different flow characteristics and specifications but their main purpose is the same which is to regulate the precise flow of the fluid in a system. 

Below we have listed some applications of Flow control valves:

Manufacturing of Products:

Manufacturing of products is not an easy process; it requires the raw material to go through various complex processes. In the manufacturing unit, workers have to deal with the flow of fluid, pressure, temperature and other process variables. Any kind of ignorance or mistake can become the reason for a hazardous incident. There is a great need to perform all the processes with great care, and precision. This precision is achieved with the help of the proportional solenoid valves.

Medical Devices:

Proportional flow control valves are commonly used in medical devices where it’s compulsorily to control the pressure of the gases for the good treatment of patients. In ventilators, flow control valves serve the key role. They empower the operator to deliver the accurate flow rate of the oxygen and other gases to the patients at a constant pressure according to the need of the patient. So that the patient can breathe normally. 

In the dialysis process, the blood of the patient is taken out from the body and is cleaned by a dialyzer (artificial kidney) and returned back to the body. The safety of the patient is the main priority while performing dialysis. This safety is achieved by using proportional solenoid valves. 

Food Processing:

Flow control valves are commonly used in food processing because they are designed to withstand corrosive materials and the environment. These valves are made of stainless steel material because of their contaminant-resistant characteristics. Typically, they are used for meat fish canneries, fruit and vegetables and salting systems etc.

Packaging of Beverages:

Proportional solenoid valves are commonly used for the packing of beverages. As we know that beverages are available in fine containers and bottles. A set amount of the beverage is filled in each container or bottle. To achieve accuracy in filling the precise quantity flow control valves are used. These values help the system by filling the precise quantity of the beverage in each bottle when it arrives under the nozzle of the system and shuts off the supply when the required quantity goes out from the nozzle. 

Treating the Wastewater:

As we all know that the presence of clean water is crucial for the survival of humans. Eliminating the pollutants from the water has become more and more crucial in saving the clean water for the future. When it comes to treating wastewater control valve with solenoid plays a key role in providing the required flow rate of the water and in maintaining the precise pressure as per the need of the system. 

Final Words:

Flow control valves have become a necessity of processes where accuracy and precision are the key concerns. Above we have listed some applications of proportional solenoid valves. 

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