Former Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hasan

Application of case in the name of Murad Hasan in Nilphamari court


A case has been filed in the Nilphamari court against former state minister for information and broadcasting Murad Hasan and talk show presenter Mohiuddin Helal Nahid on YouTube. Asaduzzaman Khan, general secretary of the district nationalist lawyers’ forum, filed the case in the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court in Nilphamari on Tuesday afternoon.

Application of case in the name of Murad Hasan in Nilphamari court

Plaintiff’s lawyer Golam Mostafa, the organizing secretary of the Nationalist Lawyers Forum, said the court judge had taken cognizance of the case and accepted the plaintiff’s statement. Didn’t give any order today. He has fixed the date of hearing next Sunday.

According to the petition, on December 1, Murad Hasan, in an online interview, made vulgar and misogynistic remarks in the name of Jaima Rahman, daughter of Zia family and BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman. Mohiuddin Helal took the interview.

The plaintiff in the case, Asaduzzaman Khan, alleged that Murad Hasan had violated the constitution by making various statements by swearing in constitutionally. In her speech, it is an insulting, humiliating and punishable crime against women.

Lawyers Abu Mohammad Soyem, Al Masud Chowdhury, Kazi Akhtaruzzaman, Golam Mostafa, Azim Hossain and Nur Asaduzzaman are present as witnesses in the case.

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