Amicron will not cause serious illness, World Health Organization

Amicron will not cause serious illness: World Health Organization


Much is still unknown about the new type of corona, which has undergone extensive genetic modification. Early data, however, indicate that Amicron will not make people more ill than Delta or any other type of corona. Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) director of emergency services, told AFP.

Michael Ryan told AFP in an interview on Tuesday that the initial data did not indicate that Corona’s newfound illness was serious. There are indications that the serious illness is less. However, he emphasized the need for more research.

Michael Ryan added that the new type of corona was not identified long ago. So be very careful about interpreting any indication of this. At the same time, he said, there was no indication that Amicron would bypass the protection afforded by the existing Covid vaccines.

“We have a highly effective vaccine,” Ryan said. The vaccine also provides protection against all types of coronavirus that have occurred so far, regardless of the severity of the illness or hospitalization, “said the WHO official. Referring to data from a preliminary study by South African scientists, he said the existing covid vaccines would at least work in terms of safety.

According to a Reuters report, the chief scientist at the African Health Research Institute in South Africa said that the two-dose protection of the coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer-Bioentech could “partially penetrate” the protection.

However, research shows that those who received two doses of the corona vaccine and were previously infected, their blood is more likely to weaken the new type of corona. However, corona booster doses can help prevent infection.
According to Reuters, Pfizer-Bioentech is working on a vaccine specifically designed to control ammonia. They expect it to be available by next March.

Late last month, the first case of a new type of coronavirus was identified in South Africa. In a few days it spread very fast in different countries of the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a new type of corona has been identified in 57 countries so far. The agency says that as the rate of infection increases, so can the number of patients admitted to the hospital.

More information is needed to assess the severity of the eruption, the WHO’s weekly epidemic report said. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is expected that the number of hospitalized patients will increase even if the intensity of amicron is equal or less than that of delta.

The people of the world were going back to normal life after recovering from the Corona epidemic. Several countries around the world have re-imposed travel bans after Amicron was identified.

The United Kingdom could soon impose strict coroner restrictions on working from home, Reuters reports.

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