Amicron waves are mild, yet there is concern


According to preliminary research published in the United Kingdom and South Africa, the new type of coronavirus, the wave of amicron, appears to be mild. Initially, there was evidence that fewer people infected with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis needed hospital treatment than other types of coronavirus. Experts say hospital admissions rates have dropped by 30 to 60 percent. However, even though Amicron is mild, there are still concerns. It is feared that the rapid increase in infections could lead to increased patient pressure in hospitals.

According to a BBC report, for the first time in the UK, one million people have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease in a single day.

Experts say more information on the severity of the virus could help countries decide to take action against the virus.

The Scottish study counted the number of people infected with coronavirus and hospitalized. It has been seen that Amicron behaved in the same way as Corona Delta. They expected 46 people to be hospitalized. But in the end 15 people had to be treated at the hospital.

Researchers say they have seen a two-thirds reduction in hospital admissions requirements. However, the number of elderly people at risk in this study was much lower.

Jim McMenamin, a Scottish public health expert, described it as good news. He said that according to the information received, a vacancy has been filled with hospitalization. However, McMenamin also said to be careful about this.

According to the BBC, the amicron type is spreading incredibly fast. So the benefits of mild coronary heart disease may not be as great as it used to be.

Mark Woolhouse, a professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, said: “A single infection can be relatively mild for a large number of people, but if everyone gets sick at once, it will put a huge strain on the national health service.”

Meanwhile, another study in South Africa has pointed out that amicron waves tend to be milder. It says that the need for hospitalization of amicone sufferers is 70 to 80 percent less.

The number of corona patients in South Africa has risen sharply since the discovery of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. However, initial indications are that the death toll in the new wave is lower than in the previous wave of corona. Health officials in the country say people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are more likely to recover than those with coronary heart disease. Both those who have been hospitalized or those who have been treated at home have recovered quickly from Amicron.

Cheryl Cohen, a professor at South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases, said:

The reason for the low intensity of the amicron type is considered to be the combination of its basic properties. In addition, vaccines and the immunity that have been developed from previous infections have prevented it from intensifying.

An analysis by Imperial College London shows that after a mutation or replication of an amicron, it becomes softer than a delta.

Apart from this, several laboratory studies have also pointed out the possible reasons for the softening of amicron. Research from the University of Hong Kong has shown that amicron is more adept at spreading respiratory infections. But it’s not very good at getting to the lung tissue. The University of Cambridge found that amicron is not adept at assembling lung cells.

The UK Health Safety Agency will soon release information on Amicron. From this, more details about the intensity of amicron can be known.

Israel is going to launch a fourth dose of vaccine in the face of the coronary ammonia type seizure. People over 60 years of age, health workers, people with weakened immune system will get this dose. News from the BBC.

A panel of experts from the Israeli Ministry of Health recommended a fourth dose on Tuesday, local time. This dose can be taken at least four months after taking the third dose of Corona Ticker. The Ministry of Health will approve the recommendation soon.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett welcomed the move. He commented that this step would be helpful in preventing the transmission of ammonia.

Amicron has been identified in 341 people in Israel so far. Corona infections are also on the rise. Corona was found in 903 new bodies in the country on Tuesday. In the last seven days, four people have died from the virus.

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