Amicron has arrived, how far is the vaccine

Amicron has arrived, how far is the vaccine?


Soumya Swaminathan, WHO’s chief scientist on amicron, said it was not yet time to talk about whether the amicron-type corona vaccine would work.

Amicron, a new variant of the corona, has already spread to about 40 countries. Scientists at the World Health Organization (WHO) say there are fears about this type. Others are talking about fear. This type was first identified in Africa. South Africa published a study on this yesterday. It states that the ability to re-infect amicron is three times that of delta and beta. In addition to this, Amicron has the ability to break down the immune system formed in the body of the person affected by Corona before. As a result, the question arises as to whether the vaccine booster dose should be taken and how long it will take.

Officials of the vaccine company have spoken to the media in response to these questions. All the organizations say they are working on new types. Many say they are confident the vaccine will hit the market very soon.


It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The two organizations have also said so. According to Euronews, tests are being carried out to see if the two-dose vaccine they make is working properly. Ugar Shahin, co-founder of Bioentech, spoke to Reuters in detail about the vaccine. Ugar Shahin says those who have taken two or three doses are being tested for blood to see if they need more vaccines to prevent immunization. They will receive a report from the laboratory within the next two weeks.

Soumya Swaminathan, WHO’s chief scientist on amicron, said last Friday that it was not yet time to talk about whether the amicron-type corona vaccine would work. And Pfizer scientists say Amicron may not need to change the quality of the vaccine.

Now the question is, if the vaccine has to be changed, how long will it take? Pfizer scientists say it could take up to six weeks. And after this change, it may take up to 100 days for the first step vaccine to be marketed.

Pfizer is giving good news about ticks as well as pills. Albert Borla, the company’s chief executive officer (CEO), hopes their pill, Paxlovid, will also work against antimicrobials. The pill is being developed with the coronavirus genetics in mind.


Modern’s chief executive Stephen Bansell has expressed skepticism about the vaccine. Without further ado, he said that modern vaccines are less likely to be effective against antimicrobials than against previous types.

Bansell spoke to the Financial Times, a UK media outlet, about the new type of vaccine and the market for it. He said that the gene structure of the corona has changed many times to a new type. This indicates that the vaccine needs to be changed to be effective against amicron. Modernists, like Pfizer, have said they are conducting experiments. It will take about two weeks to find out how effective their vaccine is against Amicron. Bansel said it could take months for them to get a new vaccine.

Bansel explains why the current vaccine may not be effective. He said that corona has got a new look through a total of 50 mutations. Among these mutations, spike protein mutations have occurred 32 times. Conventional vaccines have been developed to increase the body’s resistance to corona. When the vaccine was developed, scientists did not think that in a year or two a type of mutation could occur.

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson started working on their own vaccine after the amicron type was identified. Last Monday, they said in a statement, the amicron type was being closely monitored. Whether their vaccine is effective against such people is also being tested.

Johnson is testing their booster dose. Another test is being performed on the blood of those who are being tested to see how effective the booster dose is against antimicrobials.

Although there is some controversy over this vaccine. The United States has stopped using the vaccine because of its side effects. The country has not used the vaccine since then. As a result, there is little discussion about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when new types are being introduced.

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