36 Bangladeshis were found hiding behind a truck in Mexico

36 Bangladeshis were found hiding behind a truck in Mexico


600 migrants have been found hiding behind two trucks in northern Mexico. Among these immigrants from 12 countries, there are 36 Bangladeshis. The Reuters news agency quoted officials as saying.

Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) said on Saturday that the migrants were found last Friday, local time.

Most of those found hiding behind two trucks in the Mexican state of Veracruz are residents of neighboring Guatemala, according to INM. Their number is 401. Of the remaining immigrants, 53 are from Honduras, 40 from the Dominican Republic, 36 from Bangladesh, 26 from Nicaragua, 16 from El Salvador and six from Cuba.

In addition, 6 people from Ghana, 4 from Venezuela, 4 from Ecuador, 1 from India and 1 from Cameroon were found hiding behind the truck.

According to INM, 455 of the migrants found were men. 145 women.

According to the INM, the immigrants have been detained for the time being. Now either they will be sent back to their home countries or they will be given a chance to stay in Mexico.

At various times, immigrants from around the world have been seen trying to enter the United States through Mexico. These immigrants say they have chosen this path to escape poverty or violence in their own country.

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