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3 Benefits You Get When You Switch From Traditional TV to streaming service


More people are cutting the traditional television cord and switching to online video streaming services. Traditional television doesn’t offer as much convenience and freedom as video streaming platforms do. Moreover, cable or satellite TV has more disadvantages that deteriorate the user experience.

Companies that take into account and always improve the user experience succeed more as people are satisfied with the service and return to have a more similar experience. Unfortunately, traditional television doesn’t offer a personalized experience. That’s why it is getting obsolete now, and services like TVALB are seizing power.

Let’s observe that in detail.

What are the benefits you get when you switch from traditional TV to services like TVALB?

1 Online video streaming services allow you to watch content almost anywhere

Let’s take a look at TVALB. It is a great example of a video streaming service because it proves our statement. TVALB allows you to watch Albanian channels in the USA or Canada.

So, those Albanians who left their native land can still enjoy their favorite programs from Albanian television. And their children can learn the Albanian language if they are not born or raised in Albania. Isn’t that great?

And OTT apps allow TVALB users to watch videos whenever they are. They can sit in a cafe or walk in the park and consume TVALB’s rich content library. You should have a compatible device and an internet connection to do that. 

2 Video streaming provides you with the ability to watch videos at any time you want

Video streaming services are convenient because they allow you to content at any time you want. That happens due to the VOD (video-on-demand) functionality. It means that videos are available on your demand. You can watch them when you are in the mood.

There are more than 10,000 movies, shows, and music programs. You can watch any of them whenever you want. Along with that, TVALB offers around 2000 channels from all over the world and more than 240 Albanian channels, of course, including DigitAlb, Tring, Artmotion, and Kujtesa – the beloved channels of Albanian citizens.

There is no need to wait for a video to air. Just enter the platform, find a video you would like to watch, and enjoy. Simple! 

Moreover, TVALB streams live TV shqiptare, and you can watch videos in real-time. 

3 TVALB costs less than traditional television

As a rule, traditional television costs higher than internet-based video streaming services. For example, TVALB has two packages: one is best for a family, and the other is better for an individual.

The family package costs $20 per month. In this case, videos can be accessed on three devices – a Smart TV, a mobile phone, and a computer. The package for an individual costs $5,99 a month, and you can watch shqip content on a mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

Internet-based video streaming changed the world. Now, everyone can find what they like to watch at an appropriate price range. TVALB does an amazing job by streaming Albanian programs and shows to those Albanians who are not in the country. They still can enjoy their favorite videos.

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