2022 Interview with Jack of All Trades Toto Steubesand


Interviewer: Hello, Toto. Greetings and welcome! I see you’re building a name for yourself as a security expert and martial arts coach. How does it make you feel?

Toto Steubesand: A great one. It is great to be in the position to work on my own brand.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about your latest success?

Toto Steubesand: This is not ONE event, it is the output of the past years. I realize that people are booking me more often, asking me to get a tip. Being known as an expert in my field is a great success for me.

Interviewer: Do you ever have to cope with criticism and doubters because of the large impact of social media critics?

Toto Steubesand: Oh yes! It is the dark side of the web and social media. People are sitting behind their devices and critiquing every single step you take. To be honest it is not easy to handle this. But let us quote Georg von Frundsberg “The more enemies – the more honor” 

Interviewer: Who would you choose if you could go on tour with any popular celebrity in the near future, and why?

Toto Steubesand: Jocko Willink, because we have a couple of things in common and I can and will learn from him.

Interviewer: What more can we look forward to from your work in 2022?

Toto Steubesand: In September I will be part of the “Pioneer Summit” together with Jochen Schweitzer. This will happen in Munich and will be a great event with a lot of experts and unique people. Follow my social media channel to always get the newest updates.

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