11 days in the country to laugh

11 days in the country to laugh


Everything is going well. But no one can laugh at the juicy joke of a friend. Can’t go shopping with both hands in a cheerful mood. Even soaking the throat in the bar! If it goes on like this for 11 days, then what will it be like?

The people of North Korea will have to spend 11 days like this from Friday, local time. That is what the country’s leader Kim Jong-un has announced. The decision was taken to mark 11 days of mourning in the country on the 10th death anniversary of the late leader Kim Jong-il. Violation of the ban will be punished. You may even have to go to jail. This information has been given in the report of Radio Free Asia.

Kim Jong-il ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011. He died on 16 December 2011 at the age of 69. After his death, his son Kim Jong-un took charge of the country.

The report quoted a local resident as saying, “You can’t cry when a family member dies during this time. Even the body of a dead person cannot be taken out of the house. If someone’s birthday falls during mourning, he will not be able to celebrate his birthday. ‘

Every year since his father’s death, Kim Jong-un has paid special tribute to his father. In addition to his father, there is also the tomb of his grandfather, the North Korean architect Kim Il-sung. On the tenth death anniversary of Kim Jong-il, the mourning period has been extended by one day to 11 days. Usually 10 days of mourning are observed every year. Kim Jong-un also called a national meeting in honor of his father. Earlier, such a meeting was called on the first and fifth death anniversary.

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