Zishan Alam

Zishan Alam, The Founder Of My Media Markets, Gave His Suggestions On Business


Zishan Alam is from Hazaribagh district Jharkhand, who is an entrepreneur, business visionary, and digital marketing expert. He is the Founder and CEO of My Media Markets, a leading digital marketing agency founded in Hyderabad in 2018. Zishan Gave his suggestions on the way to do business during this era. He worked for more than 500 personalities, experts, and organizations. He understood that the market for innovative advertising was low and he started his computerized showcasing career in 2017 from Hyderabad, Telangana. Recently B2B and B2C have worked in new companies. She is prepared and tailored for classes of more than 100 people in her internship program. Increased with the arrangement of ideas, immense simplicity, and transparency of ideas, his projects aim to create tremendous mobility and strength in the crowd.

Zishan began his career as a freelancer to promote his work, being a reliable entertainer, compared to the American business at this point, he gained participation in deals, quality, and preparation. As a teacher of a different age to promote the computerized profession of the beginning, he is associated with the Manpower Group and is facing training delivery for various educative and corporate clients. He has specialization in Communication Skills, Team Building, Behavioral Skills, Employability Skills, Leadership Skills, and Interpersonal Skills.

He told that if we look at the activities of the market around us, then all the people do different types of advertisements for their business, but people do not know that in this period, online marketing is more efficient than offline marketing and you can show and explain your things and business responses in working hours so that you can easily earn more profits by doing business online, which will increase your public interest and increase the chances of growing customers. This shows how much better online marketing is, if you bring your business online nowadays, then they did not say that doing offline marketing is wrong but it is important to change your business according to the age as we know it. That the coronavirus epidemic that is causing us to do business today and we are also seeing its loss in our business and the people who are doing online marketing are benefiting greatly by running their business from home.


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