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Best Ways to Convert Videos from Youtube to Mp4

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Several websites are used to convert videos from YouTube to Mp4. You can perform many free conversions of your desired content within no time. These converting tools help you to have ads free content without any effort. 

You have to follow simple steps to download the Mp4 file. You can find various methods and tools for this purpose; some of these include:

  • Via YMp4
  • Using Y2Mate
  • Using YT1S
  • Via YouTube to Mp3
  • By 4K Video Downloader

MP4 Format

You should know it well if you are new and don’t know little or more about the Mp4 format. Mp4 is multimedia containing format to keep digital video and audio files. It is developed by IOS – International Organization for Standardization. It permits their user to do online streaming on the broader internet platform. 

Additionally, you can store video and audio files spontaneously. It also supports some other data formats like metadata, texts, and still images. That’s why it has massive popularity among multimedia distribution tools. 

Converting Video from youtube to mp4 via Ymp4

Ymp4 is the most known online content converter which permits its user to convert desirable video to Mp4 in HD Quality. You should follow these straightforward steps to convert content.

1- Navigate to the official website of Ymp4

2- Then, copy the link or URL of the video you will convert and paste in the search field. Press “Enter”

3- Now tap on the “Download Video” option. 

4- Select the video resolution as per requirement from the menu option

5- Here is your Mp4 file in your device within a few seconds

Advantages of Ymp4 Youtube video converter

  • It allows you to select higher resolutions like 1080p, 4k and 8K
  • If you want to install audio files only, then you can do it easily
  • It is simple to use and download and does not take much time

Converting Video from YouTube to Mp4 via Y2Mate:

Y2Mate is another simple tool to download and convert video files from YouTube to Mp4. Just follow these steps to use the tool, these include:

  • First of all, step towards the Y2Mate official website.
  • Paste the URL of the required video in the search field and click on the “Start” option
  • Select the video resolution and tap on the Download option. (For small size formats, select low resolution like 144p and 360p. For large file format, select high resolution like 720p)

Advantages of Y2Mate YouTube to Mp4 converter

  • The most known feature of this tool is that you can download the entire playlist without any hassle.
  • It allows users to download high-quality content like 1080p, 4K and 8K within a few seconds.
  • Both software and the online version are free.

Via 4K Video Downloader

To have your own YouTube playlist, you can consider the use of a 4K Video downloader. It is one of the highly recommendable and best software for downloading private videos, VR videos, and playlists.

  • For this purpose, you have to navigate towards the official website and search for “Get 4K Video downloader”.
  • Now, install it on your device
  • Paste the URL of the video and follow the steps accordingly.


It is straightforward to use and allows you to download video content.

Converting Videos from YouTube to Mp4 on Mac or PC 

1- The first step is to open the browser on your device and click on the YouTube icon. Go for the video you want converted into MP4; after this, copy that link from YouTube.

2- Paste the URL into the search field for downloading or to get video offline on your device without the internet.

3- Now, click the start button and wait for completion.

4- It is your choice to select the good quality or low one. Hit it off the Download button.

How to Convert YouTube Video to Mp4 on Android Device?

  1.  On YouTube, go to the search box and discover the video you want to download.
  2. The video starts playing, scroll down the video; there will be an option named share, and click on it.
  3. When it opens, you will see “copy” written on the menu; now tap on this.
  4. After copying, open any browser on android and type www. and press search. Now the URL is from YouTube in the search bar.
  5. Choose the desired premium good superior graphics of video and start downloading 
  6. Wait for a few minutes; here is your file

How to Convert YouTube Video to Mp4 on iPhone?

  1. Firstly, you must install Documents by Readdle (It is an app for iPhone users)
  2. Unlatch this app by touching it, then looking for a browsing symbol on the programme’s downside. Write Click on the button
  3. Place the desirable copy of the required text in the search site and do this step to start the process of downloading.
  4. Pick the high or low quality according to need and start by pressing the download button.

How to Download and Convert YouTube Video to Mp4?

In this era of modern technology, it is indispensable that you must know about downloading procedures of YouTube videos and their way of conversion into mp4. It was made possible because of many conversion tools, allowing everyone to use video converting processes.

The main advantage is that all of these are less time-consuming. So you can download your file within seconds. It works swiftly and efficiently. You will get your videos in one or two clicks. There are some steps; pay attention to complete the process.

1-Select the video, copy its link from YouTube, and put it on the search field.

2-Pick Mp4 file format

3- It is not compulsory to set the start and end of the playlist.

4- Go for download now.

Final Words

These are straightforward methods and do not require a penny. YouTube to Mp4 content is now available in a few seconds. So, you can play them and enjoy them whenever you are out of internet coverage. Moreover, these are reliable, authentic, trustable, and free of cost. All these tools do not require particular skills to approach.  

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