You will get the taste of food on the TV screen

You will get the taste of food on the TV screen


A Japanese professor has created a TV screen where you can taste different types of food at the touch of a mouth. In addition, you will get multi-sensory feelings.

The technology product is called Test the TV (TTTV). It uses a carousel of 10 flavored canisters, which can spread the flavors of a particular type of food. The flavor sample then appears on a flat TV screen as a hygienic film. Then the person present can take that special taste by putting his face on the screen.

Homei Miyashita, a professor at Meiji University in Japan, the inventor of the technology product, says the current world is devastated by the Corona epidemic. At the same time, such technology products will further consolidate the way of increasing human interaction and communication with the outside world.

The Japanese professor added that the main purpose of the device was to give people the experience of sitting at home and eating a special meal at a restaurant on the other side of the world.

Homei Miyashita has worked with a team of 30 students to create different types of technology. They have invented a variety of flavors. They even made a fork, which can enhance the taste.

Homai Miyashita says that after years of trying, he was able to build his own TTTV prototype. It will be put on the market for sale. Commercially, each device would cost about 75, or 100,000 Japanese yen.

Homai Miyashita has also consulted with various food manufacturers to use his device. This technology device can be used as a taste test device for various products including pizza and chocolate.

Yuki Hu, 22, a student at Meiji University, talks about the effectiveness of the TTTV device. He told reporters he wanted to taste chocolate. After trying for a while, he got a taste like milk chocolate. It tastes sweet, like chocolate sauce.

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