You can now convert your skateboard to an electric with UNLIMITED’s EON

A company called Unlimited has announced World’s First Electric Skateboard powertrain named EON. With eon, you can convert any skateboard or light vehicle to an electric in seconds.

This rocking powertrain is compatible with almost all types of boards and trucks but the only condition is that they all should have a uniform and sleek underside. Eon will allow you to go on a long drive up to a range of 15 miles with a speed of up to 22mph.

A complete set of electric skateboards are also available on UNLIMITED website. Brute Deck, Drop Deck, and Kick Deck complete with electric setup. Buy one of those and you will not have to even worry about the compatibility issues.

EON has following three riding modes which can be accessed by downloading their mobile app on your smartphone.


  1. Beginner Mode: If you are a novice, this mode will help you get used to your new machine. The speed is not high in this mode but good enough to keep the ride exciting.
  2. Eco Mode: If you want your board’s battery to last long. switch to the eco mode.
  3. Pro Mode: When you think you understand your board completely, switch to the pro mode and zoom away at top speeds.

If you don’t like any of the above modes, then do not worry as you can customize all the parameters of your ride via the smartphone app that comes along. Open the app on the go and customize the setting concerning speed, range, and a lot more.

Unlimited's Eon | World's 1st Electric Skateboard Powertrain

Unlimited’s Eon – World’s 1st Electric Skateboard Powertrain

Here are EON’s Special Features that make your skateboard durable, safe, reliable, and high performing.

  • Progressive Brakes: This feature allows regeneration of brakes that would automatically add extra 10% range simply by slowing down the board.
  • Weather Resistant: The motor parts of powertrain are waterproof, so you do not need to hassle in the rain. However, strictly avoid torrential rains.
  • Carbon Plate: The mounting plate of eon is made up of carbon fiber which helps in increasing the performance of the roof.
  • Optimum Field-Oriented Control: It gives you a smooth ride because it is fitted with advanced control algorithms.
  • Nitro Button: You should not tell this feature to anyone, and it should be kept as a secret as it will let you win any race.