World Health Organization is planning to ban trans-fat from packaged food

World Health Organization explained a plan to eliminate the trans fats by 2023. The organization claimed that elimination of industrially-produced fat would restrict the deaths over 500,000 per year due to cardiovascular diseases.
Fried, baked snack foodstuffs are the main source of trans-fats. These foodstuffs have a long shelf life, but they are bad for the health of the consumer. These snacks stuff can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 21 percent and risk of deaths by 28 percent which is great in numbers, said WHO in a statement.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO said in a statement that why should our children suffer due to these foodstuffs?
The strategy includes replacement of the trans-fat and promoting the healthier alternatives against the harmful foodstuffs. He said it must be removed from daily consumption. This will lead to getting a great victory against many of the heart diseases.
WHO said that several rich countries have imposed rules to eliminate the trans-fat virtually by putting limits on allowed in the packaged foods. Some of the countries have banned hydrogenated oils which is the main source of the industrially-produced trans-fat.
Trans-fat is a toxic chemical which harms the health of people. It must be banned as there is no reason to have these foodstuffs around children, said Tom Frieden, ex-head of the US Centers for Disease Control. In this month, WHO has issued its drafts on banning the fatty food and said children and adults should stay away from such foodstuffs. They can consume one percent of fat daily but not more than that.
Initiatives by the World Health Organization has gained momentum to ban the trans-fat is very helpful for those who will follow their advice will observe in terms of the improved health of the people, said Dr. Walter Willett, the professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard University.