Winter Wedding

Wondering What to Wear To a Winter Wedding? Here Are 12 Classy Options


Winter weddings are romantic indeed but they can be tricky to dress for. You have to find a balance between trendy and warm. It will be chilly out there. The weather will limit your options.

Here’s my guide to looking your best at a winter wedding:

#1: Pick a Long Sleeved Dress

Not all weddings are casual enough to wear denim and snappy enough to wear a pantsuit. But you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Go for a long-sleeved dress. All of the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing also have dupatta collections for attending wedding functions. It has become popular lately as well. A long-sleeved maxi will keep you warm without compromising on style.

#2: Wear a Statement Coat

You will look stylish unquestionably in a coat. This winter staple will keep you warm and you’ll look like a million bucks.

When wearing a coat, you have to be sure the color of your dress pops out. This calls for wearing neutral colors. When in doubt, wear black. It will match pretty much anything. Before you buy a coat, check its fabric. Some coats look warm but they do a poor job in retaining heat.

#3: Sheer Stockings Would Work

Don’t underestimate the importance of stockings in a cold winter wedding. They will keep your legs warm. Nude, black, patterned – the choice is yours. You can choose the thick ones or sheer ones. It depends on how much cold you can tolerate.

#4: Cover Yourself with a Scarf or a Wrap

To make yourself extra cozy, you can always wear a scarf or a wrap. It will help combat the wind. You can wear it on your shoulders if you feel cold and once you step into the reception room, take it off.

#5: Glam It up with Faux Fur

It’s more of a luxurious wedding accessory. If you are a fan of fur, you wouldn’t miss out on this in winter. It’s very easy to dress up with. You can wear it over a maxi dress or a sequin mini dress. It will act as a scarf, provide you warmth and make you look fancy at the same time.

#6: Wear a Maxi

Maxi dresses are light and flowy but they can still work wonders in winters. If you are looking for a warmer option, choose a thicker fabric. There’s plenty of room to experience with a maxi dress. A deep V on your décolletage or a wide cut on the leg would make it look highly appealing.  To stay warm, wear a coat on top.  

#7: Top with a Flattering Hat

Smaller hats without large brims are ideal. Safe fabric hat with a felt or straw for summer and spring. If you are not a hat person, then accessories like beaded hair clips would work.

#8: Play With the Colors

You have to be picky with your color palette. Some couples pick a color scheme for the wedding. Be sure you stick to the dress code if there is a color palette. Popular color options for a winter wedding include maroons, deep browns, navy, hunter green, and other deeper and darker shades.

For a more formal appearance, wear metallic like silver, gold, and copper. A little sparkle won’t hurt anyone.

#9: Add Luxe with Velvet

Velvet is not a bad choice in winter attire either. If you style it right, velvet can look luxurious. Plus, it will keep you warm. It can be a velvet dress or a velvet skirt. Make sure you style it with jewelry or a bag. Don’t forget to pick the right color for the occasion.

#10: Pick the Right Shoes

The bride and the groom are not the only ones allowed to keep their feet warm. If your dress allows it, take the opportunity of wearing block-heeled calf boots. For example, if you are going to wear a small skirt, wear knee-high boots.

If you can’t wear long boots, then open-toe shoes it is. They will keep you from all the trouble when it gets cold. Choose the ones with gemstones to make them look more festive.

#11: Surprise Everyone with Pantsuits

Pantsuits at weddings are also acceptable. To avoid the corporate look, wear a suit in a metallic or bold finish. Choose a contrasting blouse for adding a spark.

Of course, if it’s not culturally acceptable at a wedding to wear a pantsuit, then avoid it. I would recommend wearing a Pakistani wedding dress at a Pakistani wedding.

#12: Wear Gloves

Cold hands can be a pain at a winter wedding. Imagine clapping for the bride and the groom when your fingers are frozen. Wear gloves to keep your hands warm.  If you don’t want to look like a spy, then wear lacey gloves. Nude and brown-colored gloves work just fine.

Feel free to experiment with your look for the wedding. To stay warm and look chic at the same time, pick a scarf, faux fur, or any other accessory you like.

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