Why Whey Protein Drinks are Great for Bariatric Diets


After intensive bariatric surgery, your body is going to need time to adjust to the intense changes. Bariatric surgery changes the overall function of your stomach. The recovery period from this surgery will show you how your life is going to change. More specifically, it’s going to show how much your diet is going to change. 

Your doctors and the bariatric team will have already come up with a strategic diet plan for a successful recovery. Once recovered, it’s your turn to follow those instructions, regulations, and restrictions to see the full results of your surgery. This may be a challenging transition in your life, but it’s going towards the goal of living a happier and healthier life, long-term. 

Once on your own, it may be overwhelming to get into a routine with your new diet. It’s all about trial and error. There are going to be a lot of new foods and specific nutrients that you need to prioritize after bariatric surgery. 

Since this surgery has changed the way your stomach works, your body may need a little extra help with certain vitamins and macronutrients that your stomach may have difficulty absorbing. For example, bariatric patients must consume enough protein each day to keep them on track. This can be achieved through whey protein drinks

When searching for a daily protein supplement, the biggest hurdle one must overcome is finding an enjoyable brand. A common issue found with protein powders is their overall taste and texture. Many whey protein supplements are often gritty, flavorless, or leave a terrible aftertaste. No one wants to drink that every day.

Even worse, protein powders are often very expensive. It’s the worst feeling to spend a lot of money on a huge jug of protein powder, just to have it taste horrible. However, this can all be avoided with the help of a brand that has been solely created for bariatric patients. That brand is called Bariatric Eating (BariatricEating.com). 

Why Bariatric Eating?

Bariatric Eating is an online store and community created by bariatric patients, for bariatric patients. The team understands the full spectrum of issues and hardships other bariatric patients must go through and they want to help!

Bariatric Eating supplies its line of high-quality food products and supplements. Their line of Inspire Protein Drinks is made with 100% whey protein isolate and free from gluten, lactose, and any added sugars. Any bariatric patient can trust this line of protein powders, considering it was specifically designed with their needs in mind. 

Not to mention the impressive selection of flavors you have to choose from. You will never get bored with Bariatric Eating’s whey protein drinks. Choose from flavors like vanilla nut latte, peanut butter cookie, and strawberry white chocolate. That is something you cannot find in any local grocery store. 

Better yet, check out their other lines of products from supplements to hot meals, and even yummy snacks! Check out their website at BariatricEating.com and explore everything they have to offer.

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