Why Ticker Booster Dosage Is Urgent

Why Ticker Booster Dosage Is Urgent


Several new strains of the coronavirus have emerged since the outbreak of the Kovid-19 epidemic. The virus is constantly changing. A few days ago, there was a controversy over the use of ticker booster doses on older people in different countries to prevent the spread of coronary heart disease. But now that the controversy is over, everyone is running after booster doses.

The British media The Guardian has published a report on how booster doses help fight infections after the first and second doses of Corona Ticker. Let’s find out now:

Even before the latest type of coronavirus was detected, a booster dose may be needed to ensure protection against infection. Vaccination seemed to cure serious illness.
New research says that vaccines are used to ensure that our bodies are not infected with the coronavirus. However, even after vaccination, the effectiveness of the antibody decreases with time.

Israel is one of the first countries in the world to have its people vaccinated. The country says studies have shown that the effectiveness of vaccines against the virus begins to decline three months after the first dose. The effectiveness of the vaccine, which was a few weeks after the second dose, is greatly reduced after six months. The risk of getting corona after six months due to reduced effectiveness has increased 15 times.

While one or two doses of the vaccine may protect most people from serious illness, the gradual decline in vaccine resistance to corona is becoming an important public health issue. Especially when a portion of the adult population is out of reach of the vaccine or their immune system is in a state where they are at risk of infection.

According to the report, the booster dose has become urgent due to amicron. Amicron’s mutation seems to be different from the kind that spreads from Wuhan in China to the rest of the world. The vaccines used in the market were made according to the type spread from Uhan. For this reason, after taking one or two doses of the vaccine, those who developed antibodies in their body, it will not work as much against amygdala.

Studies have shown that the amount of antibodies produced in the body after two doses of vaccine is much higher than the amount produced by taking a booster dose. For this reason, researchers are hopeful that taking the third dose will gradually increase immunity. However, they feel that the time has not yet come to emphasize this point.

Earlier, preliminary studies had indicated that taking a booster dose increased the quality of antibodies in the body and made the immune system more active.
Manufacturers are working on vaccines that will be effective in new types of corona. The new vaccine could hit the market by March next year. But even if the quality of current vaccines is increased, some weaknesses may remain. This is because in the future, Amicron may become a highly contagious virus.

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