why it is dangerous to spend time in space for nasa astronauts

Why It Is Dangerous To Spend Time In Space For NASA Astronauts


NASA is a global leader in space programs around the world. NASA continuously trains different astronauts around the world to survive in space. An astronaut is an individual who is trained to travel with spacecraft and do human exploration activities in space. But all this time astronauts life is in danger; they face many visible and hidden problems. The different comets, asteroids are visible dangers to the NASA astronauts, but the real problem is hidden dangers. Currently, 3 NASA Astronauts in space are working in (ISS) International Space Station according to us; they live in comfort. The life support system on the space station converts water in to oxygen, and a powerful filtration system avoids to waste a single drop of liquid. But in this relatively comfortable environment, danger can come from any part of space. One of the biggest problems faced by astronauts is radiation from the sun, which spreads into space.

This radiation usually protects the International Space station (ISS) because of the earth’s magnetosphere. But when astronauts go away from earth’s magnetic influence on the different planets like moon and mars, they face this kind of radiation. This space radiation from the Sun forms high energy and high-speed particles. This Particle has high-speed Photons, and Electrons try to penetrate in everything in which they come in contact. Even ISS is in earth magnetosphere scientists still see flashes of light as they close their eyes because of this radiation. Dr. Andrzej Fludra said these particles are so much strong that they can penetrate even the walls of the space stations. These radiation particles can go through human DNA strands, which can cause mutation allowing the growth of cancer cells.

If Apollo’s mission had launched a few weeks earlier, it would have got hit by these high energy radiation particles. When the sun is more active, these radiations can be radiated a few times in a day. The only way to avoid this radiation is, astronauts can stay behind the lead compartment during the radiation period.