Why Is Laminate Flooring Such A Great Alternative To Wood?


Laminate flooring – when installed professionally – can convincingly resemble expensive, wood flooring, and if you don’t go around telling anyone that it isn’t the real deal, would anyone even know?

As a more budget-friendly alternative to wood flooring, laminate flooring has come on in leaps and bounds in recent decades, becoming more and more realistic, and still offering many of the great benefits of wood flooring.

Let’s look at laminate flooring options in more detail, and see exactly what makes them such a great alternative to wood:

Some of the benefits associated with laminate flooring are as follows:

Made to be exceptionally durable

With a photo image of wood that’s enclosed by several highly protective and dense layers bonded together, laminate is a really durable type of flooring, and is perfect for busy households that still want to achieve the luxury look and feel of wood.

Advances in the techniques used to manufacture laminate have meant that the finished product has become far superior, and with its ability to be mass produced, it’s an affordable option for many.

Cheaper and simpler to install

Thanks to its click system that’s in-built, there’s no flooring that’s simpler to install than laminate, and if something is easier to install, that generally makes it cheaper, too.

Resistant to water and scratches

The ideal flooring choice for busy households, laminate has a top layer that is both highly resistant to water and damage, meaning that it can easily perform well under tougher conditions. That said, it’s still recommended to use furniture pads to prevent table or chair legs damaging laminate. Its level of water resistance also means that it can be laid in any room of the home in which it might be subject to spillages, high humidity levels etc, but you should always check with the manufacturer to make sure the particular laminate you’ve chosen, is suitable for the room you plan to install it in.

Easy to clean, making it a hygienic option

With the surface of laminate being so simple to clean, all that’s required is a quick sweeping (or vacuum) as and when needed, and a mopping with nothing but a mild detergent. This makes it a flooring type that isn’t just ideal for messy homes with small children, for example, but for those with allergies, too, as dust and other allergens can’t settle on the surface and aggravate symptoms.

Realistic designs

With many modern laminates looking exceptionally natural, it’s hard for the untrained eye to know that it isn’t really wood, and while you might pay a higher price for such real-effect laminate, it will still be cheaper than the real deal, but with all of the benefits. Quality laminate flooring in Solihull comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, and as mentioned, the more realistic the wood effect, the costlier the laminate.

Affordable, quick and easy to install, and super simple to keep hygienically clean, laminate is a fantastic choice for any modern home that wants to achieve the same look throughout their property (or just in certain rooms and spaces) as wooden flooring, but without the hefty price tag.

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