WHO Has Classified Burnout as a Mental Disorder

In the ongoing digital age, people have forgotten the way of living. Aspects like all-day busy schedules, full-time jobs often have an impact on life. But working for hours and hours could result in stress and exertion. Health professionals call the condition as burn-out, which means overwork. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared burn-out as a health condition or a disease. On Monday, WHO had added the state to its list, the International Classification of Disease (ICD), during the World Health Assembly in Geneva. Now burnout is a proper medical diagnosis as per the ICD-11. The ICD-11 will take effect in January 2022. It would offer health facilities and insurers standard to diagnose and treat symptoms of burn-out.

The WHO explains, burn-out as chronic workplace stress and people cannot deal with it. Feeling low, tired, decreased professional success reveal the burn-out. Besides, the agency says increased mental stress, feeling negative at work, indicate the disorder. It is a feeling of extreme pressure in professional life. Thus these are the dimensions for WHO’s so-called burn-out. Tarik Jasarevic, a WHO representative, noted it is the first time the agency has identified burn-out as a disorder.

Although burn-out is totally different from other types of mental disorders, it is apart from mental conditions associated with stress, fear or anxiety-related illness, or mood swings. According to the WHO, burn-out not only reveal stress, it is the result of deep, long-lasting pressure that has not been shared with, either by the employee or their employer. The WHO highlights burn-out attributes, particularly to an oddity in the occupational context. Besides, people should not use the term to describe events in other areas of life. Along with burn-out, the WHO has added other health new conditions, like video gaming as an addiction, to the list. It also reveals compulsive sexual behaviour as a psychiatric disorder.

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