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Did you know that 15% of the world population is disabled? That means that over 1 billion people have a disability. Some people might be thinking that they have the same accessibility as everyone else given the strides we have taken in this regard. Sadly, they actually don’t and because of this people have tried to help make a difference in disabled people lives. For example, years ago it’s actually became a law for a public building to have some form of accessibility for disabled people. This has helped a lot of disabled people;this it made them feel more acknowledged by other people and the world in general. It’s worth remembering that those with disabilities can’t just walk out their house without consideringa lot of questions first, for example: Will the path be bumpy or muddy, or will it be a smooth paved path? Will there be an accessible toilet, or a lift? Will there be any disabled parking for me? Will there be the right kind of access at the entrance of the building? These are not half of questions that disabled people have to ask themselves every single day and,as you might have started to realise, it’s a lot to think about. Well, if we wanted these questioned answered we would normally go on the internet and see what you can find online. While that might be what we can do, for some the internet may not always be the most accessible thing. Luckily companies like accessiBe, can help change this.

There are disabilities that don’t really benefit from the standard changes people will make for them for example, putting a handrail next to a flight of stairs or maybe a ramp it will help those with mobility issues but won’t help those with visual impairments, or maybe hearing difficulties and there are many more we could talk about. Even though we might think that we can’t to anything to help, there is something. Having an accessible website can really help some disabled ones. This also helps disabled people to not feel like left out and isolated.  Think of it from a financial standpoint. As we’ve said before there are over 1 billion disabled people and a lot of them would from an accessible website, so by changing your site to accommodate them, you are opening your business up to a lot more customers. Plus, you will be following the direction the government asks you to do, which will save you from fines, a bad reputation and maybe even lawsuits. So, to sum it up, you not only help those who have a different type of disability, you also help yourself money wise, and you also get a good reputation.

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