When to Spy On Employees with Mobile Tracker?


The employees are the most vital entity and stakeholders of an organization. They actually account for in all the five basic components of the organizational structure according to researchers. The components include technical core, technical support, administrative support, top management, and middle management.

All these components include employees in one way or the other. But there exists a compromising situation as well pertaining to employees in organizations. It is reported that a few employees start involving in taking up unproductive activities over the workplace.

These activities include using the internet and social media and connecting with their friends and family. This pattern of activities seriously harms their productivity and performance.

Besides this involvement in unproductive stuff, the negligent use of official mobile devices paves the way for cyber threats on the business data. It is noted that when employees use official devices for their personal commitments and activities, the possibility of cyber threats increases.

This is because a number of websites are prone to have the presence of cybercriminals at the backend. They look to plant viruses or spam into the mobile device to get access to confidential business data and information.

The criminals look to get away through the business data because it contains confidential business information. This information and data are then used for advanced selling, trend setting, and trend identification.

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There is another side to the story as well. The complaints of workplace harassment issues are looming. A large number of female workers have reported such incidents accusing their male colleagues.

The harassment incidents are extremely fatal for the growth, credibility, and advancement of the business. So, employers need to have a strong monitoring mechanism in place in order to ensure healthy business operations.

The monitoring can be done in many ways. The most common of them is manually and physically monitoring the target individual, but manual monitoring is not very much on the cards in the professional premises.

Thus, there comes out the way, which is most suitable and highly recommended. It is the use of a mobile tracker for monitoring the employees. There are plenty of mobile tracking services but the best of them these days is TheOneSpy.

The promising spying features of TheOneSpy extensively serve all the spying needs of employers, for spying on their target employees. For monitoring of employees, first of all, the employer needs to purchase the subscription of the spy app.

After purchasing the desired license, the employer needs to install the mobile tracker on the target mobile device. After installation, the employer gets all set to spy on all the dynamics of communication over the device and will get meaningful insights into the activities of the employees.


Workplace harassment fixed through spy 360

The feature extensively serves the employers in coping with the issues of workplace harassment with female employees. The feature bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target device to know what is actually happening around the target employee.

If there comes any complaint of workplace harassment, the employer can trace back the specific point of time and can find out what happened then. In this way, the employer will be able to manage such a problem.

Website blocking and filtering

The website blocking feature allows blocking a number of websites that employees visit during working hours. Once blocked, these specific URLs will not be allowed for access by the target user through the target mobile.

Productive and unproductive tabs

The mobile tracker allows assigning productive and unproductive tabs for the employee. The spyware for android thus generates a log of time spent while using those tabs.

In this way, the employer will be able to know what the employee is doing at the workplace.

Location tracking

The location of the target user can be tracked without any hassle. The app generates a log of all the movements taken up by the employee. This also adds up to the security of the employee.

The employer can even restrict the movement of the employee to certain premises.



The best mobile tracker for employee monitoring is TheOneSpy. The salient features of the spy app are discussed in detail which is beneficial for businesses.

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